MORE FAKE NEWS: CNN’s Van Jones Retweets Lie About Mass Shooters Being Republican


On Wednesday, CNN’s Van Jones, a gun control proponent, retweeted a statement from one @LaurieShoe that was in fact a complete lie about the identities of those responsible for mass shootings:

Actually, it’s simply untrue that being “Republican” is a common denominator for mass shooters. We don’t know the political affiliation of most mass shooters — most aren’t overtly political. And there have been just as many overtly political leftist mass shooters in the last year as supposed Republicans — even if you count the Parkland shooter as a “Republican,” you’d certainly have to count the Congressional baseball game shooter as a Democrat.

But Van Jones retweeted this nonsense anyway.

The media are covering themselves in glory with their coverage of the Parkland shooting. Within the last 24 hours alone, CNN’s Chris Cuomo already retweeted a false account about illegally buying an AR-15; CNN’s Anderson Cooper talked about how the media should graphically describe shooting victims, with no reference to how other victims of crime (or abortion) should be described; The Huffington Post ran a false headline smearing me personally; CBS News had to withdraw its own headline about it being easier to buy guns than buy certain medicines.

The media constantly denounce President Trump for ripping their dishonesty; they claim he’s destroyed their credibility with the public. That’s just another lie. Every day, they destroy their own credibility with the public.

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