‘Monty Python’ Alum Goes Viral After Tweeting About ‘Unfair Advantage’ ‘Biological Men’ Have In Women’s Sports

John Cleese, an English actor, comedian, screenwriter, and producer speaks at Pendulum Summit, World's Leading Business & Self Empowerment Summit, in Dublin Convention Center.
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“Monty Python” actor John Cleese has gone viral after he tweeted about the “unfair advantage” biological males have in women’s sports after a transgender athlete recently won in the female category of a cycling race in the U.K.

The 83-year-old comedian didn’t hold back when he responded to a tweet from British journalist Martin Daubney that read, “Bloke [Male cyclist Cara (Cameron) Dixon] who pretends to be a woman thrashes nearest actual female cyclist by ONE HOUR – yet would have been 19th in the men’s race, where he belongs. It’s time to end the cruel, unfair charade of biological men in women’s sports! [SaveWomensSports].”

“Biological men in women’s sports have an unfair advantage,” Cleese tweeted to his 5.6 million followers. At the time of this publication, the tweet has been viewed more than one million times.

Many agreed with Cleese’s assessment.

One person tweeted, “Yes, the Emperor’s New Clothes, written in 1837, is nothing new. We all see the absurdity, but few in positions of influence are willing to say the obvious for fear of being called transphobes.”

“Those debating this can’t even define ‘woman,’” another wrote.

While another person tweeted, “Of course, they do. It is reprehensible that our media and government support this!”


Yet another added, “Proof that trans ideology benefits men first and foremost. Young female athletes will enter a world with fewer rights than their mothers.”

Cleese famously appeared in “Monty Python’s Life of Brian” in a scene that was ahead of it’s time regarding a man wanting to become a woman. When one of the male characters announces that he “wants to be” a woman, he tells the others in the film to now refer to him as “Loretta.”


Cleese tells the man that he can’t “have babies,” and cracks a joke about where the baby would come from.

“Where’s the fetus going to gestate?” Cleese’s character asks. “Are you going to keep it in a box?”

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