‘Modern Family’ Producer To Christians Who Support Trump Ending DACA: ‘Your Christianity Is Bulls***…F*** You’


On Monday evening, Danny Zuker, producer of Modern Family, dropped a message for Christians who support the revocation of President Obama’s executive amnesty: “f*** you.”

Here’s the tweet:

He eventually deleted it, but not before it racked up some 21,000 retweets. He trashed it shortly after I tweeted back at him, “Whoa take it down a level there, St. Augustine.”

He then continued his rant:

Then he finished with this misspelled silliness:

Of course, conservatives didn’t particularly object to Zuker’s use of the f-word. They objected to the general notion that the Bible dictates that a country erase its borders because some people have entered a country “through no fault of their own.” Nothing in the Bible mandates this. In fact, the Biblical standard for citizenship is precisely the same as the Constitutional standard: abiding by the laws of the country in question. Any nation has the ability to decide whether or not a prospective citizen is of benefit to the country. And presumably Zuker would object if Christians were to suggest that they hope only those who share Judeo-Christian values are admitted to citizenship.

But this is the sort of virtue signaling in which secular humanists often engage in order to slap at religious Americans: “What about your Holy Book? Huh? HUH?!” If they took a little time to talk with Christians once in a while, they might find that Christianity doesn’t translate into open-borders leftism just because the Bible espouses mercy. There’s more than one way to help people, and there’s no Biblical mandate to act without regard to the beliefs of those who wish to enter your borders. In fact, the strengthening of Judeo-Christian culture does require willingness to draw the line somewhere, even if you agree with President Obama’s executive amnesty — presumably, Christians who do aren’t complete open borders activists.

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