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Missouri Declares Pornography A Public Health Crisis

The state of Missouri has joined in the fight against pornography by passing the Senate Concurring Resolution No. 52 recognizing “pornography as leading to individual and societal harms and recognize the need for education, prevention, research, and policy change at the community and societal level.”

Passing with 31 votes in favor, the bill declares that pornography “perpetuates a sexually toxic environment” and “may contribute to the hypersexualization of teenagers, and even prepubescent children, in our society.”

The bill also blames the internet for exposing children to sexual content before a mature age, effectively becoming their sex education, which “can lead to low self-esteem and body image disorders, an increase in problematic sexual activity at younger ages, and an increased desire among adolescents to engage in risky sexual behavior,” much less the inability to hold a healthy relationship later in life.

The bill will now go to the Missouri House, where, if it passes, Missouri will become the 10th state to declare pornography a public health crisis.

Senator Ed Emory, sponsor of the resolution, recently called pornography a “social evil” perpetuated by ambivalence.

“What is unveiled by a personal moral failure may be a reflection of a disturbing and invasive social evil ― that of the proliferation of pornography and modern culture’s ambivalence toward it,” he said.

Bev Ehlen, Missouri State Director of Concerned Women of America, and Stark made similar statements.

“Pornography has become the cancer that nobody wishes to speak about,” said Stark. “Almost everyone has been personally impacted by porn or knows someone who has… SCR 52 breaks the silence in Missouri by declaring to the world that pornography is a public health crisis.”

As noted by LifeSiteNews, internet providers have the capacity to block 99.98% of pornography on the internet if they were pressured into doing so. As Matt Walsh has noted, society has an absolute interest in barring pornography for the same reason they have an interest in barring prostitution.

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