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Minneapolis Public School Has Kids Color Pictures Of Ilhan Omar. Public Schools Haven’t Been So Kind About Trump.

Public school students in Minnesota are being instructed to write reports on Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) and color photos of the controversial Democrat, a report from Powerline claims:

Omar is being raised to heroic status in her district’s public schools. Elementary school students are apparently being taught to revere her, much as, in recent years, they have been taught to see Martin Luther King, Jr. as a kind of secular saint. Someone has distributed an Ilhan Omar card that students are instructed to color, while writing a “report” on the inside.

“This photo came from a public elementary school in Minneapolis,” Powerline said, noting that reports of a suburban school district within the state participating in the same coloring activity remain unconfirmed.

The project raises an issue of bias, or at least inconsistent standards with regard to public schools and politics — specifically, potential double standards involving President Donald Trump.

For example, in 2018, a high school student from a public school in Oregon, Addison Barnes, was suspended for wearing a T-shirt supporting President Trump. “Donald J. Trump Border Wall Construction Co.,” the T-shirt read.

The student ended up suing the school and won on First Amendment grounds.

In March 2018, a student from a public school in Georgia caught her teacher on video lecturing about how terrible President Trump is, claiming he has “killed millions,” reported The Daily Wire:

“When my president says let’s Make America Great Again, when was he talking about?” sixth-grade teacher Johnetta Benton is heard asking, later suggesting that Trump means “[America] was great for Europeans,” but “when it comes to minorities, America has never been great for minorities.”

Last month, students were suspended for simply wearing gear with President Trump’s “Make America Great Again” logo. AZ Central reported:

Parents at a Southeast Valley high school are upset after they say school administrators demanded their children remove clothing and accessories that touted President Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again” logo.

Parents say at least one student was suspended in the Friday incident.

“I feel bad for these children. I don’t agree with everything our president does or says, but I respect our country and I’ll support these kids using their freedom of speech,” one of the students’ parents said.

And earlier this month, it was reported that a sixth-grader at a New York public school, Bella Moscato, was told that she could not select Trump as her personal “hero.”

Moscato’s teacher apparently told her that Trump “spreads negativity and says bad stuff about women” when she rejected the 11-year-old’s choice.

“This was really frustrating to me because, you know, my daughter has every right to pick a hero of her choice. It’s first amendment right, freedom of speech, freedom of expression. So it was really upsetting to me that she was trying to shut her down,” said mother Valerie Moscato.


To view a photo of the colored pictures of Omar, click here.

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