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MILO and Andrew vs. the Mob

By  Bill Whittle

Their politics differ in significant ways. And without question, the website has changed in a direction that does not appeal to me personally. But after his final stop in his Dangerous Faggot tour, the only person I can think to compare Milo Yiannopoulos to is Andrew Breitbart himself.

That, I think, is because despite their differences, Milo and Andrew share one critical character trait. They love the fight. They just love it.

And they both drew blood. Andrew (with James O’Keefe and Hana Giles) brought down that towering oak of corruption called ACORN. A moment ago, I entered “MILO” into a Google image search. There are dozens and dozens of green ads for Nestle’s “Milo” drink, which I had never heard of, probably because there were soccer stars on the boxes and it’s a drink marketed to communists. There are a few images of Yiannopoulos scattered across the page, but anyone who typed in that single word could not come to any reasonable conclusion other than that student thugs set fire to a university campus in order to protest a brand of hot chocolate.

I’m sure this is completely accidental. Google intentionally hiding images of the most talked about single name in the country would be journalistically unethical: they would be suppressing access to certain people and viewpoints because they disagree with them politically, and after the last few weeks we know that the left could never, ever do something as vile and as low as that.

Milo waltzes past lines of people calling for his death in a faux military costume once turned down by Michael Jackson as being too over-the-top. Andrew once saw a mass of protestors after his blood too, so he put on a pair of roller skates and glided right into the heart of them. I think he might have bought them lunch afterward.

Both of them have the gift to see through the moral armor of the left and insert the dagger of ridicule, which is the one thing progressives cannot survive. The Left burns cars and smashes windows when challenged, but they go into paroxysms of blind rage when they are ridiculed.

Milo and Andrew understand that mockery is fatal to the left because the entire progressive argument is that they themselves are the Moral Templars of modern American society, the guardians of an eco-friendly, peace-loving, racially tolerant, borderless, inclusive, LGBT-friendly dream society that will be here just as soon as all of the intolerant people are silenced or killed. When a group of men in black hoodies, with black pants, and black boots, and black masks – the miserable cowards – beat a person to the ground because that person wants to hear someone speak on a university campus, and then shout at the person they have assaulted “That’s for you, you Nazi fascist!” you know you are dealing with people so violent, so emotional, so blinded by rage that the natural response is to laugh at them.

But when cultural icons, multi-millionaires like Judd Apatow and Sarah Silverman egg this violence on, and try to give it moral weight, we have a problem that transcends mockery and debate.

And amazingly, these stupid, violent children calling for war in the streets; these Social Justice Warriors who faint dead away at the site of a paring knife; these barbarian savages who have never met a problem that a temper tantrum has not solved for them immediately… these thugs still wonder why the other half of America is armed to the teeth.

Editor’s note: This article was initially accidentally entered under the wrong byline.

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