Mike Tyson’s Severed Ear Edibles Are Too Much For This State

Mike Tyson performs his one man show "Undisputed Truth" in the Music Box at the Borgata on March 6, 2020 in Atlantic City, New Jersey.
(Photo by Donald Kravitz/Getty Images)

Former professional boxer Mike Tyson has released an edible cannabis product shaped like a severed ear called “Mike Bites,” and one state has already banned them from being sold — weed-legalizing Colorado.

The cannabis enthusiast’s new item consists of red gummies in the shape of ears with a bite taken out of them, reported Indy100.com.

He is currently only selling the product from his Tyson 2.0 line in California, reported the Washington Examiner. The reason being because Colorado’s existing HB 1436 bill from 2016 bans the selling of edibles in the shape of humans, fruit, animals, or other objects that could be enticing to children, previously reported by Westword.

“A prohibition on the production and sale of edible medical marijuana-infused products that are in the distinct shape of a human, animal or fruit,” the bill read. “Geometric shapes and products that are simply fruit flavoured are not considered fruit.”

June marks the 25th anniversary of when the former heavyweight champion fought Evander Holyfield, and infamously bit off a piece of Holyfield’s ear during their boxing match, reported Daily Motion.

The cannabis gummies have been released as a way to recognize that moment, which Tyson called “pretty bad,” during an interview for Cheddar News.

“I just think this is just me owning what I did,” Tyson, the chief brand officer and co-founder, shared during an interview with CEO Adam Wilks. “I’m owning my responsibility. I’ve done that. That was pretty bad at the time, but I turned it over to make it pretty good.”

The ear-biting incident ended up disqualifying Tyson from the World Boxing Association Heavyweight Championship.

During the interview with Cheddar, Tyson also said he lost “three million dollars” as a result of the bite, but that he’s ended up tripling what he lost in the years since due to people wanting to take pictures with the boxing legend pretending to bite their ears.

Tyson also said that Holyfield has been really cool about it, too, that the two made amends afterward, and are friends.

He also promised that they plan to launch more “ear products.” Wilks added that a full line of merchandise would be rolling out around the “Mike Bites” line.

The Denver-based outlet, Westword, reported that a form of Tyson gummies will be sold in Colorado, but instead they will be in the shape of a “T.”

As previously reported by The Daily Wire:

Colorado legalized cannabis for recreational use in 2014 after allowing it for medicinal purposes in 2009. Between 2012 and 2016, UCHealth University of Colorado Hospital saw a “threefold increase” in ER visits related to cannabis use — 9,973 cases. Dr. Andrew A. Monte, an emergency medicine physician at the hospital, said the research stemmed from his colleagues witnessing a high number of cannabis-related visits without any data to back up the spotted pattern.

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