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MIDTERM EXAM: All The Latest On The 2022 Elections (Part One)
Boris Zhitkov via Getty Images
Boris Zhitkov via Getty Images

Good evening. This week, we have another two-part exam for Daily Wire readers.

There’s a lot going on in this election cycle, and we’ll hit all the top news once or twice a week so you don’t miss a thing as we approach Election Day 2022.

Democrats Attack Wisconsin Republican Governor Candidate For Donating To Christian Churches And Pro-Life Centers

Wisconsin gubernatorial candidate Tim Michels has been attacked by Democrats for giving to pro-life groups and Christian churches that adhere to a biblical view of gender. In a story published Wednesday, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel wrote that Michels through his foundation had donated money to “anti-gay and anti-abortion” groups.

Michels, a construction executive, has donated thousands of dollars to groups like Wisconsin Right to Life and the Pro-Life Wisconsin Education Task Force. In addition, his foundation also gave to a pro-life pregnancy center in New York City and several churches that oppose transgenderism.

The Republican candidate said that the media has “stooped low” to attack religious organizations and churches.

“For four years, they turned a blind eye to the consequences of Evers’ many failures and are now all in as accomplices in his desperate campaign to demonize me, my company, my family, and now even our personal charitable giving,” Michels said.

“Assaulting the reputations of Catholic nuns, some of the largest churches in Wisconsin, and even cancer research is shameful, and the people of Wisconsin should not tolerate this disgusting, anti-religious bigotry,” he added.

On top of his contributions to religious and pro-life causes, Michels has also given to help fund cancer research inspired in part by his own daughter having a brain tumor when she was 11.

“While the media is desperate to find lines of attack, their generosity helps support causes they believe in and funds cancer research and other Christian causes,” Michels communications director Anna Kelly told the Journal Sentinel.

The Most Protected Lt. Governor In America?

Wisconsin Lt. Governor Mandela Barnes (D-WI), who is running for Senate against incumbent Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI), has accrued over ten times the amount of security during his time in office then the state’s previous lieutenant governor. According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Barnes has been provided with over 13 hours of security a day costing taxpayers over half a million dollars.

The self-described progressive has also not only received paid police protection at official events, but also at personal events (which his Republican predecessor chose not to have). For example, it cost taxpayers at least $2,300 in security charges for Barne’s three-day trip to Chicago when he ran in the city’s marathon.

Johnson campaign spokesman Alec Zimmerman said Barnes was using the “State Patrol as his own Uber service.”

Alaska’s Ranked Choice Voting Is A Real Drag

Alaska is expected to release its results in a special election for the state’s House seat on Wednesday. Former Democratic state Rep. Mary Peltola leads with 40% of the vote, though former Republican Gov. Sarah Palin or Nick Begich will likely take the lead under the state’s new ranked-choice voting system as the two GOP candidates secured a strong majority of the overall vote.

Wyoming’s New GOP Candidate Digs In

Wyoming Republican candidate Harriet Hageman, fresh off her victory in the August GOP primary against current Rep. Liz Cheney, is busy finishing out her campaign in a hard fight against Democratic opponent Lynnette Grey Bull, who secured her party’s primary win.

Hageman is expected to easily defeat the Democratic newcomer.

North Carolina Senate Race Tied
A recent poll by Civitas revealed that the Republican and Democratic candidates for the North Carolina Senate race are tied at 42.3%, with 12.6% of likely voters unsure who they are going to vote for. FiveThirtyEight polling has Beasley behind by 0.2%

McConnell Says GOP North Carolina Senate Candidate Has “A Good Chance Of Winning”
Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (KY) held a fundraiser last week for Senate candidates Mehmet Oz (PA), Hershel Walker (GA), and Representative Ted Budd (R-NC).

“I pick out three of our candidates every summer that I think have the best shot at winning and invite them and I picked these three because I thought they were in critical states and had a good chance of winning,” McConnell said Monday when he was asked about why he did the event last week for the three candidates.

Stayed tuned for Part Two.

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