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Middlebury College Disciplined Charles Murray Protesters. Some Of The Punishments Were Weak Tea.

By  Elliott Hamilton

Administrators at Middlebury College announced that as of April 17, it had disciplined more than 70 students in connection with the fascistic protest against Dr. Charles Murray on March 2. The Middlebury Campus newspaper reported that out of the 70+ students who faced discipline, only about 30 accepted the sanctions. The process remains in progress.

The students were identified through video footage and photographs; they had to meet with either Karen Guttentag or Brian Lind, who serve as associate deans of student life and judicial affairs. The range of punishments varied from probation letters that were placed in their file that would be removed as long as they stayed out of trouble, to having their actions documented into their permanent record in the Office of Student Affairs that would stick with them for the rest of their lives. Here is how The Middlebury Campus described who got “unofficial punishment,” or a simple probation letter, and “official punishment”:

According to multiple students, the College has given unofficial punishment to students who participated in the protest prior to the live stream of the conversation held between Murray and Russell J. Leng ‘60 Professor of International Politics and Economics Allison Stanger. Students were told that those who continued to protest during the live stream in Wilson Hall may receive official college discipline. As of April 25, it is unclear whether or not any students have received official college discipline. Those investigations, as well as investigations into the protest prior to the start of the live stream, are ongoing.

In other words, the students who participated in the protest that disrupted the actual conversation with Dr. Murray and subsequently attacked the moderator Professor Allison Sanger got details of their unacceptable actions placed in their permanent record. As of now, there are no suspensions or expulsions; the number of those who got “unofficial punishment” and those who got “official punishment” remain unknown.

Given the violent and illiberal nature of the protest as well as the blatant violations of the Student Handbook, it seems that Middlebury’s administration is trying not to impose harsher penalties on those who acted atrociously. Nevertheless, some students thought the punishments were outrageous, accusing the administrators of “stifling students’ ability to express themselves.”

These arrogant kids will never learn.

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