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Michelle Obama REALLY Loves Hillary Clinton Now

For the first time this election cycle, First Lady Michelle Obama appeared on the same stage with Hillary Clinton to try to convince those not so enthused about their choice of presidential candidate to go ahead and pull the lever for the Democrat anyway. Voting for “my girl” Hillary, Obama made clear at a rally in Winston Salem, NC on Thursday, was really the only reasonable option.

Obama pointed to Clinton as the only one of the two major candidates trustworthy enough with the “temperament” and “maturity” to handle the position her husband currently enjoys.

“We want a president who takes this job seriously, and has the temperament and maturity to do it well. Someone who is steady. Someone who we can trust with the nuclear codes,” said the First Lady, hitting most of the threadbare Democrat digs on Donald Trump .

Obama felt the need to emphasize that she really, truly does personally like Clinton. “If people wonder: Yes, Hillary Clinton is my friend,” she told the crowd, the two making a point of embracing and Michelle even exclaiming, “My girl!”

The First Lady expressed confidence that her friend would bring home the victory for the Democratic Party, saying, “I would not be here lying to you: I believe with all of my heart that Hillary Clinton will be that president.”

For her part, Clinton also tried to convince the crowd that despite the much-documented, long-standing animosity between the two ladies, they were now quite close. One particularly cringe-worthy moment from Clinton came when she praised Obama’s dance skills. Clinton also managed to turn her celebration of Michelle into a slam on Trump when referencing her advocacy for women’s rights.

“I wish I didn’t have to say this,” said Clinton disingenuously, “…but indeed, dignity and respect for women and girls is also on the ballot in this election. And I want to thank our first lady for her eloquent, powerful defense of that basic value.”

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