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Michelle Obama Makes ‘Absolutely’ Clear Where She Stands On Running For President

By  James Barrett

Michelle Obama threw cold water on all those Democrats hoping that the former first lady will sweep in to save them from their rather dismal collection of likely 2020 presidential candidates.

In an interview with NBC News’ “Today” Thursday, Obama made clear, again, that she will never run for president.

Asked by co-host Savannah Guthrie if she “would ever run for elected office” — a question met with cheers from the audience — Obama replied, “Absolutely not.”

She explained her emphatic answer by suggesting that she knows her “voice” is more effective in a different venue than political office.

“As a woman, you understand where your voice works best, where you want to operate, what space you want to be in,” she said. “I have never wanted to be a politician. Nothing has changed in me to make me want to run for elected office. I want to serve, I want to do work, I want to be out there, but there’s so many ways to make an impact. Politics is just not my thing. It’s as simple as that.”

Prior to shutting down all hopes of Michelle 2020, Obama discussed the #MeToo movement, which she described as highlighting how dangerous the world is for women and girls. Asked about the backlash to the movement, Obama said, “Well, that’s what happens with change. Change is not a direct, smooth path. There’s going to be resistance.”

Video below (via The Hill):

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