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Michael Moore Unveils Wacky Theory For Why COVID-19 Swept World
Michael Moore, American filmmaker, speaks during a campaign event for Senator Bernie Sanders, an Independent from Vermont and 2020 presidential candidate, during a town hall event in Rochester, New Hampshire, U.S., on Saturday, Feb. 8, 2020. Sanders is favored to win New Hampshire, but recent polls showed Pete Buttigieg cutting into his lead. Photographer:
Adam Glanzman/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Finally, all of our prayers have been answered.

Film director Michael Moore is weighing in on the coronavirus sweeping across America, and he’s got a theory about why it’s happening. He calls the pandemic a “gentle warning” from Planet Earth — and if we don’t heed that warning, Mother Gaia will exact her “revenge” on humanity.

Why? Climate change, of course.

“I believe that we are in a planetary emergency. A planetary emergency, my friends. And I’m not talking about the coronavirus,” Moore said in his latest episode of his “Rumble” podcast.

“Viruses are a part of nature. This is their planet, too. They are a form of life and, like another species I know well, they are killers. This current pandemic is simply mother nature giving us a gentle warning. I know you’re thinking, ‘Mike, uh, gentle? There’s over 3 million around the world infected by this virus and a quarter-million people are dead. You call that gentle?’ Yes, I do. I do, but I do not diminish how God awful serious this is, how tragic it is for people that have been sick who’ve lost loved ones.”

Then the director of “Roger and Me” and “Fahrenheit 911” said coronavirus is a warning from the planet about climate change.

“I really want all of you to please take this moment, take this virus as Earth’s slap on our collective face,” he said. “Treat it as if nature is trying to tell our species to back off, slow down and change your ways.”

The planet itself, Moore said, is vengeful and he thanked God that Earth “doesn’t have any fingers.”

“You do understand that this planet can remove all of us in the snap of its fingers?” he said. “I know what you’re thinking, ‘Thank God the planet doesn’t have any fingers.’ But nonetheless, if you think COVID-19 has been a bummer, then trust me, you literally can’t imagine just how awful earth’s revenge against us is going to be for trying to choke it to f—ing death. We are in a serious, multilevel planetary emergency.”

The 66-year-old filmmaker is busy promoting his latest project, “Planet of the Humans,” which is free on YouTube. The movie, on which Moore served as executive producer, examines man’s impact on the planet and, in a twist, criticizes the mainstream environmentalist movement for failing to secure any real change.

“The movie’s central thesis is that we are on the brink of extinction and have been sold a damaged bill of goods about all forms of renewable energy by environmental groups motivated by profit. Essentially, the argument is we’re all dirty and the stain will never come out no matter how hard we try,” Gizmodo writes in a piece headlined, “Planet of the Humans Comes This Close to Actually Getting the Real Problem, Then Goes Full Ecofascism.”

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