Michael Knowles Banned From Speaking On Minnesota Catholic College Campus, Group Says
Michael Knowles is seen on set of "Candace" on April 19, 2022 in Nashville, Tennessee.
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Daily Wire host Michael Knowles has been banned from speaking at an event at Minnesota’s University of Saint Thomas, according to an email from the college.

The university’s chapter of the College Republicans submitted a proposal to host the speaking event that was denied approval for views that allegedly violate the university’s core convictions.

“After reviewing the online content available for Mr. Knowles, I concluded that the event does not meet the criteria for an approved club event. Statements he has made do not align with our St. Thomas Conviction Statements on dignity and diversity,” the university email stated.

“Specifically, Mr. Knowles has made statements that are derogatory to the transgender and autistic community,” the email added.

Knowles took to Twitter on Wednesday to question the ban.

If my views on transgenderism are Catholic, and those views ‘violate the University’s Core Convictions,’ then what does that say about the core convictions of the allegedly Catholic @UofStThomasMN?” he asked.

The school’s College Republicans have announced a petition regarding the decision, calling on all students, faculty, staff, and alumni to join them “in standing for free speech on campus.”

“In the University’s view, it is not simply a concern about what Mr. Knowles would say, rather, it is a concern that he holds Conservative-Catholic views in the first place. These restrictions on what speakers we can bring to campus represent not just a threat to free speech but freedom of thought,” the College Republicans said in its statement.

In referencing Young America’s Foundation’s coverage of the report, Knowles also pointed out that the university’s email did not cite a single statement from him in support of their decision.

“One can’t help but notice that @UofStThomasMN wasn’t able to cite any of those allegedly problematic statements. Wonder why…” he tweeted.

The censorship of conservative speakers on American college campuses continues to be a disturbing trend.

On Tuesday, Saint Louis University campus police officers escorted a conservative speaker off campus on Tuesday while allowing leftist protesters to remain. Saint Louis University is also a Catholic college.

Young America’s Foundation (YAF) speaker Elisha Krauss was forced off of campus property but remained on a public sidewalk just outside of the Catholic university where she continued her speaking event with fellow free speech activists.

“Proud to take a stand against the intolerant left who for two hours called me an old a**, a b****, and a fascist,” Krauss told The Daily Wire’s Ian Haworth.

“I defend their rights to free speech the same as anyone else,” Krauss added. “Too bad they wouldn’t engage in a discussion or debate about political beliefs.”

In December, Daily Wire host Matt Walsh confronted scores of demonstrators protesting his lecture at Saint Louis University.

A crowd of anti-Walsh protesters demanded that The Daily Wire host and bestselling children’s book author cancel the event, a speech for students of St. Louis University. The protesters blocked a street immediately outside the venue and chanted slogans such as “Hey-hey, ho-ho, Matt Walsh has got to go!” and “black lives matter!”

At one point during the protest, Walsh walked out of the venue accompanied by law enforcement to speak with the protesters. The Daily Wire host was met with boos, chants, and one man screaming, “Do not come over here!” The crowd took several steps back as Walsh approached.

“I went out to say hi to my protesters and give them a chance to answer my ‘what is a woman’ question. They declined, it seems,” Walsh posted on Twitter with a video of the confrontation.

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