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Michael Bloomberg Once Said That He Didn’t Think Young Minority Males Should Have Guns, Wants Them To Be Subject To Stop-And-Frisk

By  Aaron Bandler

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, the founder of the pro-gun control group Everytown for Gun Safety, once stated he didn’t think that young minority males should be able to own guns.

Moms Demand Action, which is part of the Everytown organization, has been claiming the National Rifle Association (NRA) is race-baiting:

NRA spokeswoman and radio host Dana Loesch, in her usual fiery way, took Moms Demand and Everytown to task over the issue of race-baiting:

The links Loesch tweeted out point to a speech Bloomberg gave at the Aspen Institute in February 2015, where according to The Aspen Times Bloomberg said that “police should seize guns from male minorities between ages 15 and 25.”

“These kids think they’re going to get killed anyway because all their friends are getting killed,” said Bloomberg. “So they just don’t have any longterm focus or anything. It’s a joke to have a gun. It’s a joke to pull a trigger.”

Bloomberg also stated the need to “throw them up against the wall and frisk them” and that in New York City “we put all the cops in the minority neighborhoods.”

“That’s where all the crime is,” Bloomberg said.

Bloomberg actually asked the Aspen Institute not to release his speech to the public, and the organization grudgingly abided by his request.

New York State Rifle and Pistol Association President Tom King excoriated Bloomberg’s comments: (H/T: Daily Caller)

“Mayor Bloomberg’s statement that black males should not be allowed to have guns echos similar sentiments made by southern white supremacists in the 19th century,” Tom King, the association’s president, said in a statement, according to the Washington Times. “So-called ‘Black Codes’ were enacted by various southern states to discriminate against black Americans and maintain the system of white supremacy that made slavery possible. These included restrictions on firearms possession.”

“If a politician said this about anything other than guns, the mainstream media would be all over them,” King added. “Michael Bloomberg isn’t just any politician, he is the leading voice for gun control in America. He should be held accountable for this slander.”

Everytown and Moms Demand should take a nice long in the look mirror before they accuse the NRA of race-baiting.

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