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#MeToo Fashion: Paris Show Features Men In Dog And Pig Heads

If the decline of fashion weren’t already apparent with Vogue dressing women in oversized toilet paper and Liberace’s Dracula doppelganger liberating masculinity with the male dress, then this #MeToo theme at the Paris men’s fashion week will certainly settle that debate.

According to AFP, the French fashion world has been rocked with its own share of sex scandals in recent days, prompting them to launch their own version of #MeToo: #BalancetonPorc (Squeal on your pig). Hence, why fashion designer Walter van Beirendonck sent a message about sexual harassment by disparaging men in the most demeaning, dehumanizing way possible: male models wearing pig heads in the Paris fashion show.

“With little piggy ears sticking out of their hoods, and strategically-placed holes over erogenous zones, the outfits took a dark and world-weary take on the male condition,” reports AFP.

“One-eyed monster… Dream daddy… pig,” read one of his designs.

Julien David opted to have his models wear dog heads to represent male types, according to AFP, “from a macho, man-spreading Doberman to an intellectual whippet and a splayed poodle in dungarees.” His “very predatory-looking German Shepherd” had its tongue hanging out.

“I wanted to study the human species with a bit of distance. It’s a bit of a human laboratory,” he told AFP, emphasizing that he wanted people to focus on the clothes and his style, not the male models.

“When you look at the dog you don’t pay attention to his character, and I wanted to have the same feeling here. If that guy on the top was a real person you would assume a lot of things about him,” he said.

Perhaps men wearing dog and pig heads in the fashion show is divine justice for Vogue subjecting their female models to the most atrocious parade of inhuman ugliness.

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