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Melania Trump Visits Home For Victims Of Domestic Abuse. Here’s How A Fashion Site Responded.

On Friday, First Lady Melania Trump made a surprise visit to a group home in Lake Worth, Florida that houses kids who are victims of abuse and domestic violence. But the uplifting, unannounced visit was met with what appears to be some reflexive snark from a shoe fashion site, which went out of its way to highlight Melania’s life of wealth and privilege and her husband’s preoccupation with golf.

According to The Palm Beach Post, which first reported the surprise visit, the first lady met with seven teenage girls, all of whom, HomeSafe told the Post, had been removed from their families by court orders after experiencing abuse or domestic violence.

Melania spent a total of about 45 minutes there, from around 10 to 10:45 a.m. EST, bringing gifts for the girls as well as Easter baskets and stuffed bunnies for some of the younger children in HomeSafe’s various residences. The agency houses a total of 40 boys and 7 girls.

“This is a day that the girls will never forget,” said Matthew Ladika, the chief executive officer of HomeSafe told the Post. “It was extra special and touching…She asked them what their interests are,” he said.

“I had a wonderful time visiting @HomeSafeFla today! The young ladies I spoke with hold so much promise for the future,” Melania tweeted afterward.

But as The Blaze highlighted, Melania’s uplifting visit to the girls of HomeSafe was perhaps not so appreciated by Footwear News, a website that reports on all things shoe-related. After giving all the details about Melania’s stylish $1,150 shoes (image below), the site dropped this line:

No doubt the children will weigh heavily on her mind on Easter as she enjoys a holiday meal and restful time amid the terra-cotta-roofed Mar-a-Lago, which boasts sweeping oceanfront views nearly 11 miles away.

Is that a sincere “no doubt.” Doubtful. The very next couple of lines appear to be an attempt to provide evidence that the Trumps don’t really care about the girls, citing Melania’s tweet about being excited to participate in the Easter Egg Roll on Monday and noting that her husband was out playing golf the whole time she was visiting the girls:

Melania shared on Twitter that she’s “looking forward to hosting the annual Easter Egg Roll at the @WhiteHouse on Monday!” when she returns with President Donald Trump the day after the holiday.

Meanwhile, the commander-in-chief was enjoying a game of golf after arriving at Mar-a-Lago earlier in the day.

Melania has not been given much slack thus far as first lady. In fact, she’s frequently been the target of vitriol. As for her visit with the girls of HomeSafe, she deserves unequivocal praise.

For those interested, here are those shoes she was wearing: