Megyn Kelly Calls Out Celebs Who ‘Stoked The Fires’ Against Officer Involved In Breonna Taylor Raid
Megyn Kelly poses for photos on the red carpet during the Childhelp's 15th annual Drive The Dream Gala at The Phoenician Resort on February 02, 2019 in Scottsdale, Arizona.
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During a podcast on Monday, Megyn Kelly called out celebrities who she said “stoked the fires” against Louisville Metro Police Department Sgt. John Mattingly and his family over his involvement in the Breonna Taylor raid.

Mattingly, author of “12 Seconds in the Dark: A Police Officer’s Firsthand Account of the Breonna Taylor Raid,” told Kelly about what he called the “false narrative”  — driven by legacy media and celebrities like Oprah Winfrey, George Clooney, and even then- Vice Presidential nominee Kamala Harris — that took over the case. Mattingly, who was part of the raid, was shot by Taylor’s boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, the night Taylor was killed.

Kelly said Taylor’s death was “awful” and that no “one thinks it was justified.”


Kelly shared an Oprah tweet, which said, “that Louisville police entered her [Taylor’s] apartment unannounced.” The host noted that Mattingly calls this claim “false” in his book. “Alicia Keys is the one who tweeted out ‘say her name,'” Kelly added. “Millions and millions of shares. Tens of millions of people saw it.”

“And even the now Vice President of the United States, she was running for office then, Kamala Harris, tweeted out ‘there are two systems of justice when peaceful protestors are arrested and the police who murdered Breonna Taylor almost three months ago still roam free,'” Kelly continued.

The former NBC host said it wasn’t just Harris, but George Clooney and rapper Snoop Dogg, too.

“As if Snoop Dogg knows absolutely anything about this case or any other,” Kelly explained, as she pointed out stars like LeBron James and Ice Cube who talked about the case.

“It was stoked by all these celebrities with tens of millions of dollars,” the former TV host shared. “I imagine you with 21 years of service under your belt do not have tens of millions of dollars. Or your kids…who were also getting death threats as all these extremely famous people stoked the fires against your family.”

At one point in the show, Kelly said she understood the book was to be picked up by Simon & Schuster, who she said “had agreed to publish” it, and then they got “too afraid” and they pulled it.

“And the Daily Wire picked it up and is publishing it. Is that correct?” the host asked as Mattingly confirmed it was true.

Kelly said “thank god for Ben and Jeremy Boreing and the guys at Daily Wire.”

“And what cowards at Simon & Schuster,” the TV host said. “What cowards… The climate on policing has changed considerably since their cowardice. People are realizing how important police are. What happens after you unfairly demonize them city after city and defund them.”

Kelly said that defunding the police was something the “black community was never in favor of,” and it was only the Black Lives Matter organization and “white upper side liberals” who pushed it.

“The book’s not by Simon & Schuster, it’s by the Daily Wire,” she added. “Support John, support the Daily Wire, buy the book.”

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