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Meet The Woman Who Sells Athletic Pants With A Holster To Encourage Women To Protect Themselves

While training for a marathon early in the morning and late at night, Amy Robbins wanted to have a defense tool on her body while on her runs to feel safe. With the lack of available women’s athletic wear that allows for both a workout and pockets for self-defense tools, Robbins decided to make her own and created Alexo Athletica.

In an interview with The Daily Wire, Robbins explained the purpose of her company and her greater mission to encourage women to “carry with confidence.”

Robbins said when she was thinking of a name for her clothing line, she wanted something that represented strong women, leading her to use the Greek word “Alexo,” which her website says mean to “defend and to help.” She also pointed out that the alliteration of the two “A’s” symbolizes the Second Amendment, which is also seen in her logo.

“I needed places to put things on my body,” Robbins said. “Lulu Lemon was not making holsters in their pants — nor will they ever. I needed a place to put my firearm.”

Alexo Athletica was officially launched in October of 2017 — around the time of the #MeToo movement. Robbins believes this helped grow her clothing line because there is “one section of people in the #MeToo movement who say they don’t want to be a victim and are actually doing something about that.” She added: “We have been able to cater to those people so they are arming themselves with firearms, tasers, blades, and mace.”

According to Robbins, 47 million women carry some sort of self-defense tool on their body at all times.

Alexo Athletica exists mostly online but the company plans to work closely with retailers in the future, including gun ranges and gyms. Robbins said she and her husband run the company together. Their “Signature Pant” with nine pockets has been a big hit.

Robbins said the pockets fit different types of self-defense tools — not just firearms. “We sell out every time we restock,” she said. “We are taking backorders to help us know how much to order. We know we will sell out again, but I want to make sure everyone who wants a pair gets a pair.” Alexo Athletica also sells jackets and shirts.

The pants have been sported by influential women, including Fox News contributor Tomi Lahren. Robbins said that the company’s “biggest boost” came after Lahren posted a picture of herself wearing the pants on her Instagram.

“The dream is to see every single woman in America wearing Alexo and being able to defend and protect themselves and live an empowered life,” Robbins said. “Ultimately, the dream is to have somebody who preys on women see the Alexo symbol and run the other way. Kind of like a security sign in your yard.”

Robbins encourages her customers to learn how to use a firearm if they plan on carrying. “Alexo is not just about giving you a pair of pants and saying ‘here go figure out how to use this gun,’ we want to be a resource for women. We see ourselves expanding to have resource videos and selling self-defense tools on our website. We want to be a one-stop shop for women who want to learn.”

“Gun rights are women’s rights,” Robbins said. “Of course if we lived in a perfect society, I would love to make a pair of pants that aren’t for self-defense, but we don’t. There are evil people.”