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Meet ‘Woke Daddy,’ The Dad Fighting ‘Toxic Masculinity’

So, there is a man who calls himself “woke daddy” and blogs about the horrors of “toxic masculinity” — and, amazingly, his shtick is not satirical.

Thirty-three-year-old Ludo Gabriele, originally from France and now a New York City resident, decided to blog about his woke male feminism after having a daughter. Gabriele is determined to fight so-called “toxic masculinity” (translation: anything remotely deemed traditionally masculine) through blog postings at, a site which reads like a clever right-wing parody.

“Gabriele says his first feminist ‘aha’ moment was when he quit his job and felt uncomfortable, even wrong, for not fulfilling the role of the traditional male breadwinner,” explains left-wing site Broadly. “He started reading sites like the Good Men Project and became especially interested in speaker and educator Keith Edward’s concept of the ‘man in a box,”‘ a framework for understanding toxic masculinity and some of its manifestations.”

In a post penned by “woke daddy,” called “Coming out as a male feminist and why you should do it too,” Gabriele laments men not showing their sensitive side. “I buried it deep, deep down because my environment made it unsafe for me to be sensitive,” he says. “They are never presented the option in their lives. This leads men to associate vulnerability with weakness and by association, weakness with the feminine gender.”

In another post, the male feminist confesses his sin of becoming a “disciplinarian” toward his son:

A lot of parents especially fathers tend to be hard with their son at a young age. I was sadly no different. While I gave and give my son plenty of attention and love, I wanted to be perceived as an authority figure, one that he should be afraid of. My fear of screwing up parenting by raising a bad human being turned me into a disciplinarian. I would not yell often, I would make sure that he sees in my eyes that I mean business. While this practice gave me a sense of comfort and the illusion of control it has also turned my stomach upside down more time than I can count making him miserable and me even more.

The epiphany of it all was when prompted to tell me if he was scared of me, he said yes without hesitation. I burst into tears. It was a huge eye opener and a very painful one.

Gabriele posits that yelling or spanking children “does not work.”

“Yelling does not work. Spanking does not work,” he writes. “It will drain your energy down and create a chaotic vibe in the household. Where there is fear there is no love.”

Maybe the most parody-like post is where “woke daddy” tells us about his brave decision to become a vegan. (Question: If you become a vegan but don’t brag about in a blog post, are you really a vegan?)

“As I begin this new adventure with, I feel the need to come out. … I use the term ‘coming out’ intentionally to express the resistance and push back I experienced from society as a whole and from my peers,” he writes.


The male feminist even deems the vegan lifestyle “[t]he only lifestyle that actually makes sense intellectually.”

And as Broadly notes, “woke daddy” is unfazed by “trolls” who object to his anti-masculinity crusade.

“I get a lot of negativity from insecure men, but it does not bother me, I was expecting it,” says the male feminist. “If I manage to plant the seed and instill a spark of critical thinking, my job is done. I am not looking for validation. I just feel that this is my responsibility to speak out and challenge the status quo.”

Gabriele doesn’t understand how any father can reject radical, victimizing, myth-filled feminist ideology. “How can a father of a daughter not be a feminist? It simply does not make sense to me. I just want to live in a world where my daughter can look for a job and be hired for her skills, and not for the way she looks. A world where she is not short changed on her pay and where she is not sexualized on a daily basis.”

While he faithfully repeats all the key feminist talking points, unfortunately for Woke Daddy, his female feminist “allies” don’t think his kids need him anyhow, as woke Lena Dunham made clear on Father’s Day.