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Former ‘ThinkProgress’ Writer Allegedly Participated In The Mob Attack At Tucker Carlson’s Home

Last week, a mob of about 20 so-called “anti-fascists” targeted Fox News host Tucker Carlson’s home in Washington, D.C.

The mob vandalized Carlson’s driveway and cars, chanted threats, banged on his front door, demanded the host leave town, and doxxed him, his brother Buckley Carlson, and his longtime friend and business partner, Neil Patel. At the time of the ambush, Carlson’s wife was home alone. Under the impression that this was a home invasion, she hid herself in the pantry and called 911.

One of the people allegedly at the attack on Wednesday night was Dylan Petrohilos, reports ShadowProof’s Kevin Gosztola. Petrohilos is a 29-year-old graphic designer and Washington, D.C.-based left-wing agitator who formerly wrote for ThinkProgress.

“Police in Washington, D.C., told the press they were investigating the protest as a “suspected hate crime” and that the motivation for the ‘incident’ was ‘anti-political.’ Officers went to the home of Dylan Petrohilos, who was part of the protest and a former #J20 defendant (one of several people who faced charges after protesting on President Donald Trump’s inauguration day),” wrote Gosztola on Friday.

On Thursday, one day following the attack at Carlson’s home, Petrohilos said via Twitter that the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) came to his home to question him about the incident.

“Dear friends, MPD came to my house just now asking about last nights [sic] protest,” he wrote. “Told them to go speak with my lawyer.”

Earlier that same day, Petrohilos tweeted, “Mobs not jobs.”

Petrohilos is currently facing felony charges for his involvement in the pre-planned anti-Trump riots on Inauguration Day on January 20, 2016. According to Rolling Stone, “Petrohilos didn’t attend the march, but has been charged based on his participation in an organizing meeting.”

“This is one of the major reasons I’m in therapy right now,” he told Rolling Stone in January of this year.

The self-described anarchist said police raided his home in connection to the DisruptJ20 riots. “I can’t feel safe in my own home, which is a very disturbing feeling to have,” he complained at the time. The statement might ring a bit ironic, now.

According to a Washington Post report from last year, “The D.C. Superior Court document — an affidavit providing justification for searching Petrohilos’s home — shows that law enforcement infiltrated several meetings where Disrupt J20 organizers discussed logistics. One was a multiday ‘action camp,’ according to the affidavit. At another, the undercover police officer and other attendees were asked to place their cellphones in a microwave for fear that law enforcement or people opposed to the group were seeking access to their plans, the document states.”

“Facilitating public meetings is a First Amendment-protected activity,” Petrohilos told the Post. “I didn’t break the law on Inauguration [Day], and I think that it’s absurd that police are targeting events such as facilitating a public meeting.”

Petrohilos said he’s being doxxed by the “far-right” with “old addresses” over the Carlson incident.

Apparently amused by the blow back, Petrohilos posted the following gleeful tweet on Sunday:

A group known as Smash Racism DC posted the videos of the attack at Carlson’s home. Last week, the Fox News host said that one of the people involved in the incident was a former guest on his show. It remains unclear to whom he was referring.

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