Media Target Trump’s Association With Anti-Semitism, Totally Ignore Hillary’s


While the media consume themselves with checking into idiot Donald Trump’s online connections with the execrable alt-right, thanks to his retweet of a meme featuring Hillary Clinton, cash, and a Jewish star, the media busily ignore another, far more anti-Semitic story from the Hillary Clinton camp. Over the weekend, Holocaust survivor and human rights icon Elie Wiesel died at the age of 87. That prompted anti-Semite par excellence Max Blumenthal, son of Hillary’s central confidante Sidney Blumenthal, to ragetweet about Wiesel:

Blumenthal has likened Israel to Nazi Germany, but that didn’t stop his father, Sidney, from featuring his work in emails to Hillary Clinton. Sidney, who is also rabidly anti-Israel, was so dirty that the Obama State Department refused to employ him. Back in May 2010, Sideny Blumenthal wrote a direct email to Hillary excoriating Israel for banning anti-Israel nutcase Noam Chomsky; Hillary wrote to her assistant “Pls print 3 copies.” That same month, Sidney wrote Hillary an anti-Israel critique of Israel defending herself from a Turkish-originated terror flotilla: “are the Israelis bones stupid?” Blumenthal asked.

And Sidney sent Max’s work to Hillary routinely. Here’s the New York Observer on Hillary’s response to those emails:

A number of columns have been written exposing how Mr. Blumenthal sent articles to Ms. Clinton from his son Max, one of America’s most notorious Israel haters. Ms. Clinton responded very favorably to them. Some of these writings would later be the basis for Max’s anti-Semitic Goliath, whose book launch was thrown by Sid at his own home. The disgraceful writings compare Israel to the Nazis, call for the expulsion of the Jews from Israel and whitewash Palestinian terrorism. For good measure Max also compares the Israel Defense Forces to the SS. The emails thus released show that Mr. Blumenthal sent 19 articles written by Max, most of which contained deep anti-Israel sentiment. What is truly unsettling is Ms. Clinton’s glowing praise for Max’s work. On numerous occasions she forwarded the articles to her staff with the words “Pls print,” and a number of times she asked for multiple copies so that she could hand them out to her staff and discuss them.

The media have no interest in any of this – even though all of it sheds clear light on Hillary’s anti-Israel politics and her willingness to hobnob with anti-Semites.

Trump’s association with anti-Semites is wrong and gross. But Hillary’s is just as bad – perhaps even worse. And the media don’t care.

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