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Media Outlets Attack Sen. Marco Rubio For Saying It’s Bad To Use The ‘F-Word’

Several outlets are attacking Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) for noting on Twitter that it’s bad to use the “f word” and accusing Rubio of being insensitive in the wake of the Capital Gazette shooting.

Last week, Rubio expressed his frustration with the f-word being “routinely used in news stories, tweets etc.”

Many in the media are insinuating that this tweet was meant to subtly criticize a survivor of the Capital Gazette shooting, Selene San Felice, who went on CNN claiming she “couldn’t give a f*** about the offer of prayers, if there’s nothing else.”

There is no confirmation that his Tweet had anything to do with the interview or whether Rubio even saw the interview.

Without basis, technology outlet Mashable published an article claiming that Rubio “is more concerned about a naughty word used in a news report” than he is about the most recent mass shooting. The author of the article simply melts down and recommends seven things Rubio should be “more worried about than whether or not someone said the word ‘f***’ in a news report.”

The seven various hot topics in American politics include, of course, immigration and climate change.

“Get the f**k on it, Marco,” the article concludes (although the article had the f-word spelled out).

Salon attempted to point out Rubio’s hypocrisy for making inappropriate jokes on the campaign trail during his 2016 presidential bid. The article criticizes Rubio for not tweeting about the mass shooting (though they’d surely criticize him if he had).

Rubio frequently tweets about morality, expressing his personal opinion of society.

Rubio hasn’t allowed the critiques to stop him. He was back to tweeting Saturday.