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Media Humiliated Again: Hillary (Not Trump) Breaks ‘Faithless Elector’ Record

You have to wonder what it will take for America’s national media to slow down long enough to search whatever has been put in place of their soul. Because here they sit, once again after an extended and coordinated partisan campaign, not just in the losing column, not just on the wrong side of history, but utterly and completely humiliated by Reality.

Let’s face it, we all know what CNNMSNBCABCNBCPBSCNSNPRWashingtonPostNewYorkTimesPolitico have been up to for the last two weeks. After shrieking throughout all of October and straight through to Election Night that, for the good of democracy, Donald Trump and his “racist” supporters would have to accept their coming loss like grown-ups, our media had been on a propaganda rampage to convince Electors to stage a coup and steal the presidency from Trump.

Below is just one example of that propaganda push. As Conservative Review points out, in a must-read piece condemning the Clinton News Network for its “fake news” campaign to flip electors, watch the video below and note how CNN conflates the story about electors with the so-called “Russian hacking” of the election:

This week’s Sunday shows were rife with the likes of a John Podesta (Clinton’s campaign chief) appearing on “Meet the Press”, and, without any pushback, declaring the election rigged before openly calling on electors to flip.

Across all their platforms, the MSM launched a crusade to normalize the idea of “faithless electors,” to justify the idea that it would be brave and noble and American and small-D democratic for 37 electors to flip and stop Trump from becoming president. And all of this was back-filled with relentless lies meant to justify that flip, lies about how Hillary was cheated by “fake news” and FBI director James Comey and the election being hacked by the Dirty Reds and, “Come on, guys, she won the popular vote.”

And after two weeks of this relentless 24/7 propaganda campaign, what was the result?

It was Hillary Clinton and not Donald Trump who set a 119-year record for faithless electors. While she won 232 electoral votes on Election Night, officially Ms. Sniper Fire lost 5 of those electoral votes on Monday, due to faithless electors who broke ranks and voted for someone else, including Republican Colin Powell.

In other words, Hillary lost the equivalent of the state of New Mexico. Unofficially, Hillary lost a total of 8 electors, but 3 were overruled by their respective states and not allowed to bolt.

Trump lost only two electoral votes due to faithless electors in Texas.

After all that effort and energy and propaganda, once again, the American national media is exposed as feckless and dishonest and impotent.

So after all that, after all that effort and energy and propaganda, once again, the American national media is exposed as feckless and dishonest and impotent. Worse still, the media’s campaign resulted only in glorious blowback, yet another humiliation, not only for Hillary, who “made history” by losing again, but for a media that has obviously lost all of its moral authority to sway public opinion.

Also not a small deal is what the results of Monday’s electoral vote does to the national media’s remaining credibility. The morons who still trust these blow-dried serial-liars are mostly Democrats. And here those Democrats sit with their hopes and dreams decimated once again because, just like on Election Night, these dopes were conned by an institution that assured and reassured them Trump could still lose.

I don’t know who is dumber, Democrats who believed the media, or a media that seems determined to give those of us who despise them the greatest Christmas ever.

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