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Media Fail: Majority Have Never Even Heard of the ‘Alt-Right’

By  John

For months our establishment media has been on a rampage, a highly-coordinated crusade across all media platforms, about a tiny segment of the conservative movement known as the “alt-right.” And yet, a Pew Research poll on the issue proves yet again that the American public is (wisely) tuning out the national media entirely; because despite this frenzied orgy over the issue, a clear majority of 54% of Americans have heard “nothing at all” about the alt-right.

Moreover, only 17% of the public has heard “a lot” about the MSM’s latest hysterical rampage.

As Mickey Kaus points out, this is not just another example of our national media’s doornail dead influence, it also proves just how out of touch the Clinton campaign was. “Almost as if Hillary was in a left-Brooklyn cocoon that vastly overestimated voters’ familiarity w/ outrage of the moment,” Kaus tweeted.

At the height of the general election campaign, one of Hillary Clinton’s most covered, highly publicized, and talked about (within the elite media) moments was a speech specifically condemning the alt-right. Oops. Maybe, instead of wasting a day to grease the corrupt media’s sweet spot, she should have talked about jobs or taken a trip to Wisconsin.

To people like you and I, people obsessed with politics and the news and the hourly intrigue of it all, it seems impossible to believe that after months of NBCCBSABCCNNNPRPBSMSNBCWashingtonPostPoliticoNewYorkTimes pursuing a unified holy war against the alt-right, that more than half of the public has never even heard of it. Good heavens, do “the rubes” not watch any news? Do they not click on any websites? Do they open no newspapers or magazines; what do they do while waiting for a haircut? Has the world gone mad?

No, the world has not gone mad.

The explanation is probably pretty simple. After decades of the national establishment media spewing only lies, spin, left-wing narratives, propaganda, and opinion, the public has gotten pretty skilled at tuning out the noise, the BS, the chat-chat-chattering of blow-dried serial liars. Basically, the news media has become Muzak, something that drones on in the background you almost never pay attention to.

I think it happens like this…

“Oh, look honey, the Republicans are racist againZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz……….”

Unless it is something worthwhile, I don’t hear the music Wal-Mart plays on their overhead speakers. It is always there, but I am not listening. For everyday folks with real lives outside the hurly-burly of twisty-turny politics, they look at the news to get news, to get information, and not to be bathed in 98% of what the media delivers today, which is lies and opinion disguised as objective news.

Imagine how deliciously frustrating it must be for a news outlet to expend so much energy, time, capital, and longing into a specific Narrative only to discover — not that the public disagrees with you, but that they didn’t even hear you. The word of the month, the phrase of the month, the focus of month didn’t even penetrate, not even a teensy-tiny little bit.

In just the last five weeks, the very same political media that blasted InfoWars and every so-called conspiracy theory floated by President-elect Donald Trump (my four favorite words after “the pizza man’s here”), has blamed Hillary Clinton’s loss on the alt-right, fake news, Russia, hacked voting machines, and that inconvenient document known as the Constitution.

Why wouldn’t 54% of the public tune out these hypocritical freaks?

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