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MEDIA FAIL: Clear Majorities Back Trump Policies; See MSM as ‘Opposition Party’

An IBD/TIPP poll released Monday is just more bad news for a national media already in deep decline on every possible front, including that of credibility and reputation. The best summation is that clear majorities of Americans are sick and tired of the media — tired of the media’s histrionics, melodrama, rabid partisanship, and relentless negativity.

Specifically, a full 55% of those polled claim that they’ve grown “weary from the media’s persistently negative coverage of President Trump.”

Almost as many agree with White House senior advisor Steve Bannon, who described the national media last month as the “opposition party” against Trump. A full 54% of those poll agree that the “press has assumed the role of the opposition party.”

Although Trump’s personal job approval rating sits at a fairly low 41%, clear majorities still approve of the very same Trump policies that the media pretends are the most controversial.

On the issue of immigration, 57% agree with Trump’s proposal to hire 10,000 more immigrations agents, while 58% are in favor of deporting illegal aliens charged with a crime. A clear majority of 53% agree with his decision to withhold federal funds from sanctuary cities.

A plurality of 48% want to see Trump’s Supreme Court-nominee Neil Gorsuch confirmed. Only 31% disagree. That puts Gorsuch up a healthy +17.

Support for repealing ObamaCare dipped compared to the previous month, from 42% to 38%, while 39% would like to see the bill expanded.

There is no up-to-date polling on Trump’s updated refugee pause (released Monday), but last month this same poll showed that…

a majority backed of Trump’s temporary halt on refugees coming into the U.S. suspension of refugees. It also found high levels of confidence that Trump would fulfill his campaign promises to bring manufacturing jobs back, simplifying the tax code, and building a wall and securing the border.

Overall, this poll is yet another log on the bonfire that is the national media’s burnt-out credibility.

Think about it… Trump received 46.1% of the popular vote in the 2016 presidential campaign. Nonetheless, by numbers as high as 55%, the public is turned off by the media and back the very policies the media has worked overtime to undermine.

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