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Mean-Spirited Halloween Display Depicts Trump As A Cackling Devil

By  Paul Bois

A virulently anti-Trump Halloween horror house in Alameda, California has captured the imagination of a neighborhood for its expressly mean-spirited political themes.

According to CBS Local, the Halloween display titled “A Very Trump Halloween, Part Duh” was created by Alameda resident Daniel Balsam in an effort to spark a conversation by satirizing not only the Trump administration but Republicans like Ted Cruz.

“The intricate and details display includes what appears to be an immigrant child in a cage, tombstones for departed White House staff members, caricatures of members of the Trump administration and other satirical elements,” reports the outlet.

Another display features a screaming scarecrow labeled as “Ted Cruz” sitting next to a sign castigating the Texas senator as “The most punchable face in America.” Another display features President Trump as a cackling devil-like figure with a name tag that says, “Come with me my child into the heart of darkness itself!”

Daniel Balsam, the creator of the display, told reporters he wanted to send a message as frightening as the conservatives who inspired it. “The administration is basically the scariest monsters we can think of. That’s why we do the Halloween display like this,” explained Balsam.

The “Part Duh” in the title is no coincidence being that Balsam and his wife created a similar display last year. They had hoped Trump’s impeachment would prevent a second year; that did not happen.

“We were hoping he would be impeached between years one and two, but the material keeps on coming,” said Balsam.

Though Balsam hopes there will not a year three of the display, he is ready for 2019 should the time come.

“It could be worse,” said Balsam. “I don’t know if we’ve hit bottom.”

Neighbors told reporters they found the display amusing.

“Funny, but sad and true,” said area resident Kathleen Fennelly.

“I’m glad he decided to use his voice to share how he feels,” said neighbor Sean Cahill.

The visiting children also enjoy the anti-Trump spookfest. One little boy told reporters, “Not the real one! He’s just dressed up.”

“I would prefer this nightmare to be over. Like soon,” said Fennelly. “November is not too soon.”

Conservatives have also made their own version of a Halloween horror house regarding the Left, with some crossing the line into equally mean-spirited territory, such as the one that depicted Hillary Clinton as a gruesome severed head.

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