MEADS: Bounce Houses, Sing-Alongs, And Freedom Hugs: The Trucker Convoy Looks Dangerously Fun

Protesters during a demonstration near Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, on Saturday, Feb. 12, 2022. The premier of Canada's biggest province declared a state of emergency, warning protesters choking off traffic at a key U.S. border crossing and causing gridlock in Canada's capital they face stiff punishment if they don't leave.
Photographer: Stephanie Keith/Bloomberg via Getty Images

For the apparent crimes of providing entertainment and food for adults young and old, the Canadian government has begun threatening to take peoples’ pets, kids, and hard-earned money for daring to defy Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s COVID-19 orders. Just what exactly is so dangerous about that Canadian protest? Based on video, the presence of sing-alongs, bounce houses, hot dogs, and “free-dom” hugs seem to be mainly drawing the ire of the Canadian government.

For nearly a month, Canadian truckers protesting pandemic restrictions have squatted in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, drawing attention and support from the entire world as they’ve brought the area of the city to a halt. Crowds have joined them, donations have flowed in, and Canadian provinces have dropped certain vaccine mandates in recent weeks.

Perhaps the global support and universal appreciation of the fight for freedom is why the Canadian protesters love to sing “We Are the World” in circle sing-alongs. On Thursday, yet another group sang that tune in the Great White North freezing cold.

An earlier rendition even featured a giant drum.

Maybe the police simply aren’t fans of the song, because they have been working constantly on disbanding the trucker troubadours from the public square.

But, as pointed out by one Twitter user, “After Ottawa police serve notices to vacate the area, VIOLENT Freedom Convoy protesters ignore orders and in move in with heavy artillery: a bounce house.” That piece of entertainment was brought in Thursday night.

But that’s only the latest bounce house to join the protest. Earlier, there was an entire block full of them, a DJ, and dancing Canadians as far as they eye can see:

We were able to find one example of dangerous conditions. The Intercollegiate Studies Institute Fellow at National Review, Nate Hochman, is on the ground in Canada and was tickled pink to be served “the best hot dog” that he had ever eaten:

But alas, that was too good to be true. Hochman wrote the next day he had to “take it all back.” Hochman was hit with a bout of food poisoning:

Maybe the choice of food is why Canada is hellbent on squashing this uprising. As Louisiana Senator John Kennedy (R) recently told Fox News, Trudeau’s response has been arrogance and condescension through and through. Kennedy surmised it stemmed from Trudeau’s elitism, jokingly referring to his expensive palate as a possibility as to why why he ignored the truckers reasonable questions regarding the need for the vaccine mandate:

“Now here’s the prime minister’s response and instead of saying, ‘Fair question, let’s sit down and talk about it’ — his plan for convincing the truckers that they are wrong is by saying, ‘You’re a bunch of stupid idiots.’ Here’s what I hear the prime minister saying to the truckers. ‘Look truckers I’m smart, you’re not, I’m educated you’re not, I drink caramel frappuccinos, you don’t. I eat bacon wrapped dates and tuna tartar, you don’t even know what that is, so sit down and shut up,” he concluded.

In a crowd of this size, there likely will be rabble-rousers and fringe individuals causing a scene somewhere. Those losers should be condemned entirely and have been by all prominent public figures supporting the Freedom Convoy. By all accounts though, this protest has been largely peaceful — nothing like the riots of 2020 which were hailed by Leftists around the world. Compared to those riots, the Freedom Convoy looks like a block party.

It should be noted though, that on Thursday night, there was at least one fight that broke out — a snow-shoveling fight. This led the Canadian professor Dr. Jordan Peterson to jokingly say, “The predicted violence finally breaks out.”

Reports indicate that police are ramping up pressure all around the convoy though, so this could get ugly. On Thursday, The Daily Wire reported that “law enforcement passed around written warning for the second consecutive day, ordering protesters to ‘leave the area now’ and threatening potential arrest on a charge of ‘mischief,'” while establishing a “security area.”

Let’s just hope they don’t get in the way of the Canadian hot tub the demonstrators propped up Thursday afternoon:

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