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Mayor Pete Endorses Taxpayer Funded Abortions
NEW YORK, NEW YORK - OCTOBER 21: Mayor Pete Buttigieg speaks onstage during God's Love We Deliver, Golden Heart Awards on October 21, 2019 in New York City.
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This week, 2020 presidential candidate Mayor Pete Buttigieg released an action plan for women that includes the repeal of the Hyde Amendment, which would force Americans to fund abortions with taxpayer dollars.

“His proposal to secure ‘power for women in the 21st century’ is centered on a repeal of the Hyde Amendment, which protects Americans from directly funding abortions via their tax dollars,” reports LifeNews.

“Progress for women has come despite systemic sexism and racism, and persistent gender bias,” Mayor Buttigieg said of his proposal. “And now, with women’s rights under assault, we can’t wait any longer to ensure women have the power they deserve.”

In the same proposal, Buttigieg also promised a number of radical feminist solutions to supposed problems, such as closing the gender pay gap.

Here’s what Vox had to say of it:

He wants to double funding for the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, for example, which enforces anti-discrimination laws in the workplace. Right now, the EEOC is severely underfunded, which has caused a backlog of cases for staff lawyers to investigate.

His plan also shows a deep understanding of the barriers working women face. He wants to ban companies from asking new hires about their salary history, as basing salary offers on past compensation perpetuates discrimination that keeps women’s salaries lower then men’s. Some cities and states have already banned the question.

Buttigieg also supports legislation that would require companies to publish the median pay gap within its workforce, specifically the difference in earnings between women and men, and between white employees and workers of color.

Buttigieg characterizes himself as a moderate even though he has adopted some of his party’s most extreme views on abortion. When defending his stance on the practice of late-term abortion, Buttigieg chalked the moral argument down to it all being a woman’s “personal decision.”

“The way I explain this, and it’s something that I think any pro-choice candidate from a conservative state faces, and that is I respect and understand where others are coming from. Many of my supporters, many of my friends view this issue differently,” the mayor said on MSNBC. “But we’re talking about who gets to make that decision. And the way this has been characterized, especially lately, is asking questions that almost in themselves are misleading about the medical situations that women face – not to mention the personal decisions that they are confronted with.”

“To me, it’s a very complex issue that should be guided by a very simple principle: which is that having these things dictated by the government does not make that decision any easier,” he continued. “Some of these questions are religious or meta-physical, they’re not things that are knowable in a traditional sense, not questions you can get the answer.”

Buttigieg also referred to the Georgia heartbeat law that protected unborn babies from abortion after doctors detect a heartbeat in the mother’s womb as a “cruel attack” on women.

“A woman has enough to deal with when it comes to her health care without also having to worry about male politicians telling her what she ought to do with her body,” Buttigieg tweeted at the time. “Georgia’s abortion ban is a cruel attack on women’s autonomy and freedom – one that we must continue to resist.”

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