Matt Walsh’s ‘Johnny The Walrus’ Hits No. 1 In All Amazon Book Sales
The Daily Wire

Daily Wire host Matt Walsh’s children’s book, “Johnny the Walrus,” became Amazon’s bestselling book in the United States across all categories on Wednesday.

Walsh’s book was released in November 2021 and so far has a quarter of a million copies in print. It is currently on its fourth printing, according to a Daily Wire press release.

“We did it,” Walsh said in a tweet Wednesday. “Amazon is actively trying to suppress my children’s book but in spite of that Johnny The Walrus is now the number one best selling book on all of Amazon. This is causing unimaginable trauma to Amazon’s woke employees and I couldn’t be happier. Thank you, everyone!”

The development comes after a video of Amazon employees discussing Walsh’s book was posted by Libs of TikTok. The video, which shows employees complaining about “Johnny the Walrus” and Walsh’s forthcoming “What Is A Woman?,” went viral.

“It’s been a very traumatic experience for transgender Amazonians and our transgender customers,” a man leading the meeting says. “What I don’t want to come out of this [meeting] is slamming the books team with a bunch of tickets. They are already aware of this. There are things in this space that are happening.”

“Johnny the Walrus is a bit of a problematic book, uh, not a bit … it is not a bit of a problem, it is one hell of a problem,” a man says. He goes on to play what he says is a customer complaint about Walsh’s book in which the customer falsely claims that the book teaches children to bully transgender people.

Walsh joined Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Tuesday night to discuss the Amazon employees’ response to his book. “I’m just a humble children’s author in a cardigan,” Walsh said. “’Johnny the Walrus’ is about true self-acceptance, and at the end, both Johnny and his mom learn that you should accept yourself for who you truly are. When I was a kid, the message of self-acceptance was the most common message in books; it’s what we read. Now on the Left, what they foist on kids is a false self-acceptance and actually rejecting who you really are in favor of a delusion.”

According to the press release: “The children’s book tells the tale of Johnny, a young boy with a vivid imagination who pretends to be different animals. One day, Johnny becomes convinced he is a walrus. Believing her ‘internet’ friends and caving to their pressure, Johnny’s mom allows him to ‘transition’ into a walrus. ‘Johnny the Walrus’ illustrates for children and parents alike how imaginations are just that, imaginations, and not identity crises.”

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