Matt Walsh Talks To Megyn Kelly About ‘What Is A Woman’ Documentary, Dark Origins Of Gender Ideology
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Daily Wire podcast host Matt Walsh talked to Megyn Kelly about his new documentary “What Is A Woman?” which premiered on The Daily Wire Wednesday, and about how parents can’t trust institutions like the medical community with kids anymore, as well as the dark origins of gender ideology.

During Sirius XM’s “The Megyn Kelly Show” podcast, Walsh spoke with Kelly about his new film, as well as what a “revelation” it was to see how “pervasive the confusion” is when it comes to answering a simple question regarding womanhood. The question is not only something that so-called experts in the medical community can’t answer, but even everyday people on the street are unable or unwilling to provide an answer.

“The institutions in this country that are conspiring, and that starts with the medical community,” The Daily Wire host said. “That’s another thing that comes through in the film. Not just the film, [you] mentioned the work Abigail Shrier has done as well. … The really terrifying thing, especially if you’re a parent, and especially of kids who are still living at home with you, you start to realize that there are these institutions you should be able to trust, and you really can’t.”

“You can’t trust the medical institutions,” he added. “You can’t trust counselors, therapists. And that doesn’t mean that they’re all bad. But what it does mean is that you can’t just assume now that they’re in this position and so therefore you can have at least some minimal amount of trust. That’s gone; that’s obliterated. Which just speaks to the need for more vigilance among parents — especially if you’re sending your kid to public school and they’re having conversations with their guidance counselors, and everything else. You have to be very vigilant and aware of what’s being said.”

Speaking of the institutions, Walsh also talked about the drug that is being given to kids called Lupron, which is a rebranded drug that he said is “chemically castrating kids” who are seeking gender affirmation.

“They all endorse it,” Walsh said. “They all say that this is affirming care, and that it’s healthy and everything else. Well, you decide. Does it sound healthy and affirmative to chemically castrate kids? I don’t think so.”

The DW host also talked about speaking with “gender-affirming” therapists, questioning why they are needed, as he explained that no one has to affirm to him that he’s a man — he already knows that.

“So, if there’s something about you that you think needs to be affirmed, then I think that probably means that there’s some confusion there,” Walsh said. “Then that’s what the therapy should be.”

He also talked about a therapist in the film who affirmed him as a woman because he likes scented candles. Walsh admitted that it’s kind of funny because it’s “so absurd,” not unlike many other aspects of gender ideology — on the surface, it’s funny due to the absurdity, but looking one layer deeper, you think, “well, this is terrifying.”

“Because I’m not actually confused, but there are so many people that are confused and have issues, that’s why they’re in therapy, and you’re ready to affirm somebody even just based on that?” Walsh explained. “So, it’s actually not a joke at all. … The whole idea of affirmation, either from psychiatrists or anybody in the therapy world, or even from doctors as well because we have gender affirming therapy and then also now they tell us about gender affirming surgery — they don’t say sex change surgery anymore; they say gender affirming. Well, the whole idea that … you have to have something about you that allegedly already exists, that you have to go to a doctor or a therapist to affirm those things. I mean, if that’s true and that’s real and it already exists, then why does it need to be affirmed?”

Later, the conversation turned to the darker side of the gender ideology push as the two discussed the serious matter of what is being done to kids.

The two talk about Dr. Miriam Grossman, who appears in the film and explains where gender ideology came from. He said Grossman gets into Alfred Kinsey and John Money, who were “both kind of sexologists, psychologists around the same time, early to mid-twentieth century,” and are the “two main” founders of gender ideology.

Walsh explains how the film details that Kinsey’s primary goal was to “sexualize children,” that “children were sexual from birth, that we’re all sexual creatures cradle to grave,” and that Kinsey “was very invested in this idea that … normal, healthy, so-called traditional relationships are — it’s all a fake.”

“Really, when you get down to it, and you really talk to people, everybody’s kind of a deviant and a pervert,” the host said of Kinsey’s belief. “And in order to do that, he would go out and do these interviews with what he claimed were just sort of cross-sections of America, but then it turns out that actually he’s interviewing pedophiles, he’s going to prisons and talking to sex offenders.”

He said Money “coined the term gender ideology,” as he explained how this all started after Money “tried this theory out” on twin boys. Walsh said Money encouraged the parents of the boys to “transition the boy to a girl,” which was a “total disaster” and ended in suicide.

“It’s just a dark and terrible story,” Walsh said. “That is, right there, the beginning of gender ideology, and it started that way, just with death and despair.”

Walsh concluded the interview by explaining that he hopes what people come away with from the film is that this “is not just some sideshow” on TikTok; that this is “all over the place, everywhere. It’s infested in every part of our society. And it’s doing real harm to people, to adults and especially children.”

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