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Mark Levin Slams The Media: ‘You’re Not Defending Anything!’

By  Jacob Airey

On his nationally syndicated radio show Tuesday, Conservative Review co-founder and Fox News host Mark Levin blasted news anchors’ attempts to paint themselves as defenders of the First Amendment just because they are part of the press. “You’re not defending anything,” he declared.

Levin slammed the media for giving unending airtime to critics of President Donald Trump and then wondering why the American people heckle their correspondents.

“So, in other words,” Levin said. “They give her the air time, the way they gave Comey the air time, and this Michael Wolff the air time, and the kook professor from Yale the air time… they give them all air time. The lawyer to Stormy Daniels, Stormy Dan, give them all tons and tons of air time, and then they pull back and they say, ‘Why are people attacking us? You’re attacking us. You’re attacking freedom of the press.'”

Levin then set the record straight about the real target of the right: Not the First Amendment, but the biased press.

“No, we’re attacking you idiots, you left-wing, ideologue slobs and hacks and thugs in the media. We’re not attacking the First Amendment. We’re attacking you!” he said.

“You don’t represent freedom of speech just because you have freedom of speech any more than some carnival barker on the corner does or some homeless guy standing on a box screaming at the top of his lungs,” Levin continued. “You don’t represent freedom of the press just because you’re in the press. You’re not defending anything. Nobody’s attacking the First Amendment. You undermine your own professionalism because you don’t have any.”

You can watch the clip below from CNSNews:

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