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Mark Levin: The Media ‘Have Blood On Their Hands’

Conservative author and radio host Mark Levin blasted the mainstream media’s coverage surrounding Israel’s response to the Palestinians’ violent protests following the opening of the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem. The media, Levin said, “have blood on their hands” for continuing to fall for the tactics of Hamas, who use human shields as props for the cameras so the press will unfairly blame the Israeli government for the violence.

“But they force children into these actions. Remember the last war with Gaza? Where do they put their headquarters? Under elementary schools. Remember? Where do they put their missile inventory? Under hospitals,” he said. “You see, what our media do not understand or do not care to understand is that for Hamas every human being is expendable. Because it’s a war. Every one of their citizens, expendable. Children and women first!

“Why? I’m gonna tell you why,” he continued. “And I don’t mean to be provocative, but I’m gonna tell you why.

“The media in our country — hell the worldwide media and the Democratic Party in our country, just like all the left European parties… You know what? They have blood on their hands! You know why they have blood on their hands? Because they encourage this activity. Because Hamas watches them. The more children that are killed, the more the media turn on the Israelis. The more women killed, the more the media turn on the Israelis. So they push the women to the front. They push the children to the front.”

The host condemned Hamas for the violence the perpetrate on their own people. “You and I look at this and say holeeeee…these terrorists are unbelievable, what they do to their own people!” he said. “The media, they say the Israelis are unbelievable, look what they do to these people.”

You can listen to the audio on The Right Scoop.

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