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Mark Levin: Media Coverage Of ‘Not Credible’ Kavanaugh Allegations Is A ‘Pathetic Joke’

Bestselling author and CRTV host Mark Levin ripped the “disgusting” media’s coverage of President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and the controversy surrounding the appointment. The media’s coverage of Kavanaugh has been a “pathetic joke,” said Levin, who dismissed Christine Blasey Ford’s allegations against him as “not credible.”

Levin made the comments on Monday on his nationally-syndicated radio program where he discussed prosecutor Rachel Mitchell, who questioned Kavanaugh’s accuser Christine Ford during the Senate hearings, and the coverage of her releasing a memo discouraging an investigation into the allegations, CNS News reports.

“And I was the only national … figure who told you that [Rachel Mitchell] did an excellent job. The only one,” he said. “All over our favorite cable channel, the senior judicial analysts over there trashing her. ‘Wait, what’s this, a courtroom? Indiscernible.’ Well, what the hell do you want it to be? We already have a Roman Coliseum going on here.”

“The problem was this five minute rule. But she overcame the five minute rule. We discussed this at length, not once, but twice last week,” he continued. “Now they’re all saying, ‘Ewww, did you see the memo? Did you see the memo?’ Honestly, even before we saw the memo, I went through what this prosecutor did. I took notes. I put some of it up on Facebook and Twitter. And we talked about the gaps.”

Continuing his analysis, Levin said Dr. Ford’s allegations have “zero credibility” and by all evidence Judge Kavanaugh is an innocent man, but the press is ignoring all evidence of that fact. “The disgusting media never disappoints,” he declared.

Levin said, “She’s not credible in the least when it comes to Brett Kavanaugh. Why do they keep saying that? How is she credible? Incredible is better.”

“This is a pathetic joke day in and day out,” he added.

Levin previously tweeted on the day of the September 27th hearing regarding Mitchell’s performance:

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