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Man Threatens To Smash Actor James Woods Over Head — Gets Totally Obliterated

James Woods is one guy you really don’t want to mess with.

Forget that he reportedly has an IQ of 180 (he aced the SATs at 1580, with a perfect 800 in the verbal portion). And forget that he won a full scholarship to MIT, where he was majoring in political science before dropping out to pursue acting. And forget that he enrolled in the UCLA linear algebra course — while in high school!

No, you don’t want to mess with James Woods because he hits back — hard.

Last week, Woods got in a battle with an anonymous Twitterer (or so that poor sap thought).

It all started when a guy — @mattejacob — sent out a tweet to @realjameswoods saying “If I see you in the street I will hit you over the head with a 2 X 4.” Woods didn’t mince words about what was about to happen to little mattejacob.

And then Woods let him know how things would go down.

Woods noted that it was the second time the man threatened him, posting another tweet from the same guy: “In your so-called next Civil War, you’re the first person I’m coming for.”

Smartly, Woods publicly pondered whether Twitter would actually take action.

It didn’t take long for Woods to figure out who the “anonymous” guy was.

And in case you wondered if it was just some 13-year-old punk, it wasn’t.

So Woods reported the threatener to the police, pointing out the laws he had broken.

With so much heat, Twitter suspended his account.

Woods said he was standing up to threats because bullies won’t go away unless you do.

And he warned against just ignoring clear threats, as one follower suggested.

Woods plans to see the whole ordeal through to the end.


So again, we say don’t ever — ever — mess with James Woods. It will not go well.