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This Man Claims To Be Bill Clinton’s Son

A man has surfaced claiming that he is the son of former President Bill Clinton, re-igniting a decades-old conspiracy theory.

The 30-year-old man, identified as Danney Williams, started a Facebook page called “Danney Williams-Clinton” in December and the UK Daily Mail unveiled a new report about him on Monday that was amplified by the Drudge Report.

According to the Daily Mail’s report, the rumors stemmed from a prostitute named Bobbie Ann Williams, who claimed that Clinton was a frequent client of hers in the timeframe when she became pregnant with Danney Williams. She told The Glone—a tabloid news outlet—in 1992 that she “just had this kind of woman’s feeling that this was his [Clinton’s] child” because of her son’s “light” skin tone.

Bobbie Williams also claims that Clinton laughed off the notion that he was Danney Williams’ father when she confronted him about it during the pregnancy.

Danney Williams himself told The Globe in 2013, “I read he doesn’t have long to live and I want to meet him face to face before he dies. I just want to shake his hand and say ‘Hi Dad,’ before he dies. I’d like to have a relationship with Chelsea, too. She’s my half-sister.”

Williams had a similar message in a Monday post to his “Danney Williams-Clinton” Facebook page:

However, in 1999 it was reported by Drudge that DNA testing revealed that Clinton was not Williams’ father, although some have questioned the accuracy of the test.

The Daily Beast‘s Olivia Nuzzi delved deep into the issue back in May, and was able to confirm that Williams is in fact a real person, and that Lucille Bolton, who is Williams’ aunt and raised him when his mother was in prison—talked to Newsmax about it in 1998:

Newsmax reported that George Stephanopoulos, the Clintons’ one-time communications director, had used threatening tactics to kill the story. When I asked Stephanopoulos about this in 2016, he referred me to a spokesperson for ABC, who asked me to provide the text of the Newsmax report. Neither Stephanopoulos or his spokesperson ever responded.

Beyond that, Nuzzi was unable to confirm whether or not Clinton is Williams’ father.

Given that this rumor seems to be confined to tabloid glamorization, there is no reason to believe that Danney Williams is the estranged son of Bill Clinton. But Clinton’s history of infidelities, dishonesty and lack of transparency has opened the door for these kinds of conspiracy theories.

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