Malone Interview: Owens Reveals Sam Harris Phone Call As Pair Discuss Godlessness And Pandemic Panic
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Daily Wire host Candace Owens and Dr. Robert Malone, a vaccine scientist who worked on the development of mRNA technology, discussed during their hours-long conversation how godlessness, or atheism, plays into pandemic panic.

The issue popped up after Owens detailed a phone conversation she had with academic and popular podcast host Sam Harris, who is an atheist, early on in the pandemic.

“I do not say this to knock him at all, it was just something that stuck with me for a very long time,” Owens recalled.

The BLEXIT founder said she received a call from Harris while she was on the road for work and speaking out against lockdown policies.

“He sounded like he was in a bunker, and was just like, ‘You don’t understand, there’s going to be gurneys in the streets,’ and, ‘I know doctors in Italy, this is what’s going to happen in two weeks in the United States,’” Owens said Harris told her.

“He was in a mania,” she said. “I just sort of listened to him, because, in my head, I wanted to be kind, but I was looking at my husband, thinking, this man needs a therapist.”

“He was unstable,” she added, “and this is a smart person who got himself into this position.”

“I think it’s probably relevant that he’s an atheist,” Owens asserted.

Malone agreed with the analysis, offering that religious people have a stronger sense of community which grounds them and makes them less likely to fall into a “psychosis” or panic about an issue, in this case concerning COVID-19.

“You just hit on another key point,” the doctor told Owens. “Among those of us that have our eyes very wide open, there’s a very strong contingent of folks that have very strong religious beliefs systems — they’re grounded in that world. And one of the things that they all share, is they have a solid community. They didn’t need to have a new community. They weren’t suffering from these senses of being disassociated from community; they had a community.”

“The intellectuals are as, or more prone” to such panic, Malone added.

Owens noted that, to her, there’s “no such thing as an atheist,” explaining that people will find one thing or another to make their god or their religion.

“People need to believe in something,” Owens said, referencing how “government has become god” to some, others have taken up the religion of climate change, and “Covid is now a religion,” which has religious “symbols” like wearing a mask to show virtue or goodness.

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