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Majority Of Women Think Democrats Weren’t Actually Concerned About Sex Assault Allegations Against Brett Kavanaugh

American men and women think Democrats just used the sexual assault allegations against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh for political gain, and were not genuinely concerned about his accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, or her accusation.

A Harvard/Harris poll conducted at the end of October found 55% of women and 56% of men believed Democrats were “just using the allegation for political purposes in order to block Kavanaugh’s nomination.” By contrast, 45% of women and 44% of men thought Democrats were “genuinely concerned about Dr. Christine Ford and her allegations towards Judge Kavanaugh.”

Also, across the board, respondents said “we need to apply the standards of legal due process to sexual harassment allegations.” 84% of women and 85% of men agreed, versus just 16% of women and 15% of men who felt the standards should be “relaxed when it comes to these allegations.” Young people (aged 18-34) were the most likely to think the legal standards should be relaxed, with 22% saying so. Still, 78% still believe in due process, so there may be hope for the future. Even 85% of Democrats and self-identified liberals said the legal standards should remain the same no matter what the allegation.

Republicans and Democrats were just about evenly split on the question of how much Kavanaugh’s nomination has motivated them to participate in the midterm elections, with 40% of Republicans and 42% of Democrats saying it has “very significantly” influenced their participation. They were also evenly split when asked how important Kavanaugh’s nomination was as a factor impacting their vote, with 37% of Republicans and 36% of Democrats saying it was the “most important” factor.

The poll also found Kavanaugh to still be unpopular with respondents, even as the allegations against him have fallen apart. Senate and FBI investigators could find no evidence to support the accusations from Ford or any other women, and have referred three individuals for criminal investigation regarding false accusations.

It’s also not surprising so many would think Democrats didn’t actually care about Ford or her allegations and just wanted to use them to block Kavanaugh. As soon as he was confirmed, the Left stopped calling for action against him. Ford said she wouldn’t pursue any further action against the Supreme Court Justice, and no one has reported him to police.

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