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Magazine That Reports Fake Rape Endorses Candidate Who Covers For Husband’s Alleged Rapes

By  Amanda

On Wednesday morning, Rolling Stone, a magazine that reports fake rape and subsequently ruins innocent lives, endorsed Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton, a women so power-hungry that she covers up for her husband’s alleged rapes, smearing and allegedly threatening his victims.

Rolling Stone’s meek endorsement can be summed up in one sentence: Nobody can take a punch like Hillary, thus we must not “protest vote” with dreamy, “righteous” Bernie, but back the “fighter.”

Essentially, Hillary won’t give you a Chris Matthews-like thrill up your leg, but hey, “she can win.” Not exactly a glowing endorsement, but an endorsement nonetheless.

The intensely partisan magazine is a perfect fit for vast-right-wing conspiracy theorist partisan Hillary. Rolling Stone, on its quest for “social justice,” reported a blatantly false rape case, essentially ruining the lives of three innocent men (a small collateral sum in the fantasy land of SJWs). The magazine falsely reported a gang rape; three members of a UVA fraternity were wrongfully accused of raping a female student at the University. The story was a complete falsehood and was eventually retracted; Will Dana, the managing editor, ended up stepping down.

The three men who were falsely accused of gang rape filed defamation lawsuits against the magazine. Fox News reported:

A lawyer for the men said they suffered “vicious and hurtful attacks” because of inaccuracies in the November 2014 article, which was written by journalist Sabrina Rubin Erdely.

In their lawsuit, the three 2013 graduates said the article “created a simple and direct way to match the alleged attackers” from the alleged gang rape to them based on details provided in the story. […]

In the lawsuit, their lawyer said each of their identities was listed online by anonymous users when the article first came out and each of their “names will forever be associated with the alleged gang rape.”

“These claims had a devastating effect on each of the plaintiffs’ reputations,” their lawyer, Alan L. Frank, wrote in Wednesday’s filing.

Hillary has had her share of interaction with rape too; but she doesn’t report fake stories; she reportedly covers up real cases of rape. The former secretary of state, so hellbent on occupying the presidency, has smeared and allegedly threatened sexual assault victims of her own husband.

Juanita Broaddrick, an alleged sexual victim of Bill Clinton in 1978, claims that Hillary “tried to silence” her.

Paula Jones, another alleged sexual assault victim of Bill Clinton has chastised Hillary for trying to “discredit her,” building upon the Carville-Clinton white-trash narrative that Jones and others who have accused Bill of sexual assault are part of the “bimbo eruption.”

Ironically, Hillary is the same politician running on “women’s issues” and declaring that all women should be “heard” and “believed” about their claims of sexual assault -except those women her husband allegedly rapes. Those women don’t count.

This pair is a match made in Leftist Heaven: both deeply corrupt and seemingly big believers in the end-justifies-the-means philosophy—no matter how many lives are ruined in the process; the only difference is that the publication’s goal is “social justice” and the candidate’s goal is to occupy the White House.

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