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MAGA Train: President Trump Tops $100 Million In 2020 Fundraising

By  Paul Bois

President Trump has already boarded his 2020 MAGA train with a sackful of $100 million and is going full-speed ahead with a re-election campaign many predicted he would never seek.

According to CNN, the President has steadily been stocking his re-election treasure chest for several months now, topping well over $100 million.

“The President raised more than $18 million during the July-to-September fundraising quarter through his campaign committee and the joint fundraising operations he maintains with the Republican National Committee,” the outlet reports. “That haul means his re-election effort’s war chest now exceeds $106 million.”

Last month, the Trump campaign had $35.4 million in available cash in its bank account. Campaign officials say the bulk of the money comes from “small-dollar contributions of $200 or less,” which represent nearly “98% of the money he collected during the third quarter of the year.”

In other words, the Trump campaign is being fueled by working Americans hoping to see the MAGA agenda continue.

Lara Trump, the President’s daughter-in-law and campaign adviser, said the fundraising hike is proof that grassroots America favors the Trump agenda.

“After twenty months in office with unparalleled results for peace and prosperity in America, President Trump has provided the results he promised,” Lara Trump said in a statement. “And grassroots America has responded to these remarkable results and the booming Trump economy with their generous support of our campaign.”

The President’s grassroots support comes in the wake of his climbing poll numbers just weeks ahead of the midterm elections, with polls showing Republicans gaining a slight advantage over their opponents in the swing state Senate races.

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