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Madonna Wears Assless Dress. Feminists Say Criticizing Her Makes You A Sexist.

On Monday, Madonna decided to wear a dress (?) to the Met Ball which fully exposed her butt cheeks and her breasts, save a pair of covers on her nipples. Madonna is 57 years old. She looked absolutely ridiculous.

But according to feminists, making this glaringly obvious observation makes you a sexist, because they are insane and crave victimhood above all else. Lea Goldman, an executive editor at Marie Claire Magazine attempted to shame Stephen Miller of National Review for making a joke about the absurd outfit: “This is what men do to women with power,” she said, adding a high-school-like “I see you.”

For some perspective on the preposterousness of the outfit, here’s the 57-year-old desperately clinging to her youth:

And from the back…

Miller received a highly hypercritical tongue-lashing from Goldman for daring to make a joke about the music star’s choice to wear such age-inappropriate clothing.

Here’s what Miller posted via Twitter. It’s hilarious, and kind of spot-on.

“This is what men do to women with power. Shame them. About their bodies and their ages,” protested Goldman. “I see you,” she added.

As aforementioned, this ridicule is hypocritical coming from Goldman. The editor has criticized women over and over, even “women with power,” as highlighted by The Federalist’s Mollie Hemingway.

Here are some of her sexist tweets:

It’s so nice to see Goldman shame a guy like Miller, smear him as a sexist, for making a joke about something so obvious. It’s extra lovely to see how intensely hypocritical feminists, like Goldman, all too often are.

H/t The Federalists