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Madonna Offers The Lewinsky For Anyone Who Votes Hillary

On Tuesday at Madison Square Garden, filthy old lady and musical icon Madonna offered to give Amy Schumer comedy show attendees The Lewinsky, or as she put it, a “blowj*b,” if they voted for scandal-ridden Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

Rumor has it that Madonna offered the sexual act in honor of Hillary’s husband, former President Bill Clinton.

In a video captured by a poor sap who paid money to see Social Justice Amy pose as a comedienne, the Material Girl, who can’t seem to grow up, offered her sexual proposition to help Hillary. (Warning: Be sure to have a throw-up bucket nearby before viewing the following material.)

Madonna opened for Amy. Msg @Madonna

— Joe (@jgra555) October 19, 2016

“One more thing before I introduce this genius of comedy, If you vote for Hillary Clinton, I will give you a blowj*b—and I am good,” she told the crowd.

Making every last inch of Madison Square Garden uncomfortable, Madonna then expanded in great detail about her oral sex abilities.

“I’m not a douche,” she says, “and I’m not a tool. I take my time, I have eye-contact and I do swallow.”

This is all sadly unsurprising, as the depressingly insecure 58-year-old often flaunts her body for attention and “political activism” (LOL), recently posting a topless photo to her Twitter account to “vote naked” for her girl Hillary. Instead, she horrified millions, embarrassed herself and then promptly deleted the tweet, but that’s beside the point.

Adding to the horror, alleged comedian Schumer, 35, then pranced on stage to grind up on Grandma Madonna.

“If you vote for Hillary Clinton, I will give you a blowj*b—and I am good.”


Schumer was recently booed at a show in Tampa when she badgered a fan in her audience for supporting Trump. A reported 200 attendees acted accordingly and walked out of her show after the fascist comedian threatened to throw out anyone who “yelled” out.

That’s the thing about Hollywood elites, just when you think they can’t get any worse, they always prove you wrong.