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Luke Skywalker Gets Shredded By Ted Cruz, Donald Trump Jr. In Twitter War

It’s not often that anyone goes up against Luke Skywalker and comes away the victor, but that’s just what happened when the Star Wars actor got in a Twitter tiff with Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX).

Mark Hamill started the battle with a post responding to a video about net neutrality. FCC Chairman Ajit Pai had posted the video, titled “7 Things You Can Still Do On The Internet After Net Neutrality,” in which Pai, dressed in a black hoodie and wielding a light saber, says “You can still stay part of your favorite fan community.”

In any battle, that would be deemed a glancing blow.

But Cruz decided to mix it up with the space hero.

Zing. That one hurt.

Hamill shot back:

Ah, the old “you spelled something wrong” strategy straight into the “salacious allegation” dealio. (And ignore that Hamill misspelled “smarm-spLaining”). Not exactly worthy of a Jedi, but OK. Of course, Hamill didn’t address any of the points Cruz made, but what do you expect from Hollywood, right?

Ever the talented debater, Cruz responded:


And with that, Hamill toppled off the catwalk into the abyss below. He never addressed Cruz again, but posted this to actor Billy Baldwin later.

Well, you’re Luke Skywalker! Nothing is too much for him! You could’ve made an effort, gone down fighting — rather than fleeing in fear.

Enter Donald Trump Jr. to summarize.



And here’s the thing — if Skywalker is no match for facts, who in Hollywood is?!

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