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LUDICROUSLY FUNNY: Read Socialist’s List Of Demands For America

By  Hank

Now that an open socialist has been chosen by the Democratic Party as their newest rising star, socialists are getting off their sofas and couches (where they have been lying for decades whining for their handouts), opening their windows, and shouting to the sky all of their hopes and dreams and most of all, their lists of demands.

But sometimes, their demands go so far beyond the pale that all one can do is burst out laughing. Case in point, courtesy of Twitchy:

And now the list of demands:

He’s just getting warmed up:

And how would the socialist characterize those who oppose him?

Whoops; that list wasn’t complete!

And some free instructions:

Doesn’t that all sound great?

Then the socialist got a dose of reality:

Which he promptly twisted in the good ol’ leftist way:


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