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‘Loyal,’ Caring Trump Humiliates Lewandowski In Front of Media; Tries To Score Political Points With Jewish Community

By  Amanda Prestigiacomo

Donald Trump is the most loyal guy you’ve ever seen. He’s so loyal, it’ll make your head spin!

Well, only some of the time, that is.

On Thursday, the Republican frontrunner attempted to exploit a charge of battery against his controversial campaign manager Corey Lewandowski to bolster his own loyalty-factor in front of a room full of dozens of reporters and activists from the Orthodox Jewish community. Though in that same breath, Trump slammed Lewandowski for not being “quite as effective for the past couple of months.” Loyalty.

Lewandowski was recently cleared of a charge of misdemeanor battery after being arrested weeks ago when video surveillance substantiated former Breitbart News reporter Michelle Fields’ claims of being grabbed and pulled backward by the campaign manager.

As reported by Forward, Trump turned and praised Lewandowski in front of the room of reporters and activists. Apparently, “Florida authorities announced that the charges would be dropped around the same time that the group interview took place.”

“Trump repeated his claim that Lewandowski had not touched Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields. ‘I thought it was disgraceful,’ Trump said, before asking Lewandowski if there were any updates on the case,” notes Forward. Of course, video surveillance objectively refutes Trump’s claim here, but ya know, whatever.

“They just dropped all the charges,” said Lewandowski.

Then comes the attempt to showcase All Mighty Trump’s loyalty: “Oh, good,” said Trump. “Now tell my friends from, in some cases, Israel, how loyal was Mr. Trump to you?”

“More than I could possibly fathom,” replied Lewandowski. “I am so grateful.”

Trump answered, “I’m proud of you, Corey.” The real estate mogul then turned back to the crowd and said: “He wasn’t quite as effective for the past couple of months.”

Ouch. So much for loyalty!

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