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LOL: Watch Team Hillary’s Pathetic Attempt To Manufacture Enthusiasm At Rally

By  Amanda Prestigiacomo

Poor, poor Hillary Clinton.

In attempt to create the illusion that the Democratic nominee is a desirable candidate who inspires enthusiasm in the Democratic base, this past weekend Team Hillary decided to make homemade signs for the former secretary of state and hand them out to random Ohio rally-goers.

It’s so pathetic, you almost feel bad for the woman who puts our national security secrets at risk for her own political gain. I said almost.

Watch, below:

Captured on camera, a few Team Hillary members can be seen handing out different homemade signs, all boasting lackluster campaign slogans, to random rally attendees who have clearly never seen them before in their lives. The three signs read, “Clinton Country,” “Vote Early,” and “Stronger Together.” Of course, there are other signs among the (paid?) rally-goers, which look suspiciously similar to the ones we see being handed out by Team Hillary on camera. Hmm.

Was this their attempt at competing with Republican nominee Donald Trump’s crowds, who wait in long lines to pack venues and come bearing their own actual homemade signs with original slogans? Because if so, they have a long way to go…

Habitual Liar Hillary has run into “enthusiasm” problems before.

In March, The Daily Wire reported on a pitiful attempt at a cheering section at one of Hillary’s rallies, again headed up by loyal Team Hillary staffers. It didn’t end well.

And then there are her pathetic book sales. The former secretary of state mind-numbingly laid out regurgitated campaign sound bites in Stronger Together. The book sold a tragic 2,912 copies in its opening week. Ouch.

H/T Twitchy

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