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LOL VIDEO: Hilarity Unfolds When Shep Smith Is Forced To Cover The Solar Eclipse, Which He Finds Incredibly Stupid

While most people were incredibly hyped to see the solar eclipse on Monday, Fox News host Shepard Smith, who was seemingly forced at gun-point into covering the event live, was less enthused.

To put it mildly.

In a hysterical video compilation created by The Washington Free Beacon, Smith mocks the event as unimportant on live air.

“The excitement must be building and building, like fireworks!” Smith snarks.

At two points, the anchor hilariously created his own eclipses; one with his cell phone and another with the TV monitor by placing a folder over a camera lens.

“They know this is all it’s going to be, right?” Smith asked during the unimpressive solar eclipse. “Just a moon over a sun.”

“It’s fascinating! It’s amazing! Oh, my God! The moon has gotten in front of the sun,” he said sarcastically, before giving a weak attempt at finding the amazement in the eclipse: “Okay, well, I don’t know? It’s interesting looking; the sun looks a little like the moon up there in my wall.”

“There are some people who think we should take this a little more seriously, on the Twitter,” Smith continued.

The anchor finally leaves off with an old tale from ancient China (he, of course, said “China” repeatedly in his best Trump voice).

“People were scared that a dragon might eat the sun, which is always something to consider.”

Well done, Shep. Well done.


Someone at Fox News forced Shepard Smith to come into work & cover #SolarEclipse2017 Let’s just say he wasn’t thrilled. He gave zero F’s

— Jessie (@JMKTV) August 21, 2017