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This One Tweet Perfectly Mocks All The ‘Diversity’ In Comedy

While the Left harps on superficial, immutable qualities, such as skin color, the more important aspect of their much-touted “diversity” is that of thought. But as we see in Hollywood and academia, the comedic talk show circuit is a monolithic bunch; all members fully subscribing to leftist ideology in every respect.

In one concise tweet, actor and comedian Owen Benjamin hammered home the point.

Captioning a photo of comedic talk show hosts, including Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon, Seth Meyers, and Stephen Colbert, Benjamin wrote that they all support the “same political party,” “endorsed same candidate,” and have the “same stance on every issue.”

“Ladies and gentlemen, ‘comedy,'” he said.

Not only is this utter lack of diversity extremely boring and about as edgy as Bob Dole, it’s also completely void of comedy.

Take our friend Jimmy Kimmel, for instance. The former Man Show host received talking points from the office of a prominent New York Democrat to pitch us health care reform for goodness sake, while, of course, painting Republicans as evil. In another laugh-free monologue, he cried to us about the death of a lion. And, most recently, the host’s late night monologue ripped into GOP members and the NRA for the Vegas shooting, suggesting they have blood on their hands and noting that their thoughts and prayers are insufficient for his liking.

But it’s not just Kimmel.

Remember when Jimmy Fallon had a good time with Donald Trump on his show, audaciously tousling the president’s hair in good fun? Well, Fallon was scared straight from attempting a comedic show with Literally Hitler. He soon apologized for the interview with Trump. Pathetic stuff.

And then there’s Stephen Colbert. The host who called the president a “c*** holder” for Russian President Vladimir Putin. (Seems pretty homophobic to me, to be honest.) That was comedy? No, there were no punchlines in sight; he was unhinged, unable to actually formulate an anti-Trump joke, instead spewing unfunny, vicious insults.

Honestly, where have all the comedians gone?

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