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LOL: Hillary Recommends Trump Read ‘It Takes A Village’

To run a collective society, failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton said, “It takes a village.” Unfortunately, she did not realize that the village she hoped to lead would eventually cast her out in the end. It’s all too much for her to take, and now she is complaining ad nauseam about the unfairness of it all in her book What Happened, where she blames everyone under the sun for her loss this past election except herself.

The trolling has been merciless, and her vanguards are out in full force to keep her propped up. Amazon deleted 900 negative reviews of her new book and the feminists at Bustle and Refinery 29 are working around the clock to blast her critics as patriarchal conspirators. No trolling would be complete without President Trump interjecting his two cents:

So how does Hillary hit back? She recommends he read her children’s book “It Takes A Village.”

This is usually the moment where the Hillary sycophant says “mic drop,” and the feminists at Bustle were emphatic about their sore loser candidate once again being triggered by her adversary. “She’s freed of the restraints placed on most women in politics,” they said. “She can say whatever she wants, and baby, there’s nothing holding her back. Seriously, she @’d Donald Trump so savagely that it’s easy to imagine her four pinots deep, her friends crowded behind her to cheer her on as she takes the 45th POTUS down a peg.”

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