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LOL: Anti-Science CNN AMAZED Over Basic Biology

By  Amanda Prestigiacomo

Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference between mainstream, “objective” CNN and heavily Social Justice Warrior-infused Monday was one of those days.

While childbirth is always amazing, CNN seemed to believe there was something extraordinary about a “transgender man” getting pregnant and having a child. But, of course, a “transgender man” is merely a biological woman suffering from gender dysphoria; and, yes, biological women can get pregnant and have children.

“Transgender man, assigned the female gender at birth, gives birth to a healthy baby boy,” gushed CNN.

CNN was rightly smacked online for their hot take.

And because you can never be “woke” enough, one Twitter user hilariously pointed out how CNN was showing their bigotry by audaciously assigning a gender to this “baby boy” who has yet to have a say on his/her “gender identity.”

Even the “woke” are bigots. SMH.

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