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LIVE VIDEO: Women Nationwide Protest Something

An estimated 500,000 women marched on the nation’s capital and in cities across the country on Saturday to prove… there are, in fact, a lot of women. And they can march, or something. Also, Donald Trump is bad.

NBC has live coverage of the DC march below:

What exactly are these mostly white women in a nation that just saw a famous female Senator and Secretary of State win the popular vote for president and where females are more likely to graduate college than men so angry about? Is it forced marriage in the middle east? The fact that the legal age of consent for little girls to have sex with grown men in large parts of liberal Europe is still 14 years old?

Actually, it’s a little hard to tell.

Perhaps a quick look at some images of the protest will shed light on the situation.

Clearly, after eight years of having a dog eater in the White House, women would like for Donald Trump to eat cats. You know, because equality.

Donald Trump has been known to objectify women, often calling them “ugly” or “fat.” The women marching today only want to be objectified by being called “beautiful.”

This woman is angry that her anti-gun screed, Miss Sloane, was a complete failure at the box-office, even though everyone loved in Zero Dark Thirty and The Martian. Seriously, she really is a great actress. I’m sorry… actor. DAMN YOU, DONALD TRUMP!

This woman is mad because, ever since she left The View, Donald Trump just Won’t. Stop. Calling. Her. Names.

A look at the images of the signs held aloft in protest only further confuses the matter.

The only thing that seems clear is that there are a lot of them. And they are marching. And many of them are women. Also, they hate Donald Trump, even though they disproportionately watched his TV show in huge numbers, bought all of those magazines he was on the cover of, competed in his beauty pagents, and agree with him on issues like gay marriage, paid maternity leave, and the War in Iraq.


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